Apple iPhone 4 32GB (Black) – Verizon

Apple iPhone 4 32GB (Black) – Verizon

Hello up for sale is an Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black for Verizon with a Clean ESN and can be activated right away. This iPhone is not Unlocked and can only be used with Verizon and is in Great Condition. The front screen is in Perfect Condition and so is the back and the silver bezel. As you see this iPhone comes with everything that you would get when buying from a store which includes a New Apple earphones, USB cable and a wall charger, all the original booklets and a box. Please ask if you have any questions thanks.

Product Features

  • iPhone 4
  • Size 32 GB

2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 32GB (Black) – Verizon

  1. Aeonfluxx75

    Great purchase After Verizon changed its upgrade cycle that coincided with both of my phone upgrades, I was left to either replace my son’s non-functioning phone by purchasing an iPhone 5 for over $600, wait for next year to upgrade/replace or pay $200 to repair my son’s originally free phone. I opted to check out what was being offered for last year’s iPhone on Amazon and found a reasonably priced slightly used iPhone 4 with a great deal of memory. The device works as expected, no blemishes (at least none that I could find and I think there was mention of typical minor wear and tear – I saw none but I think that has to be put out there for used/refurb devices) and all cords, chargers were included in packaging. It was delivered early and my son is thoroughly pleased to go from a free Samsung smartphone to an iPhone 4 (granted he wanted the 5 but he’s 15 – he’ll live…besides he’s happy to be at the same level his friends are at with their phones). I will be purchasing my phone this way and going outside of Verizon’s market from now on. This seller is outstanding, the service and quality easily exceeds expectations. Thoroughly pleased!!!!

  2. Sandi

    Phone works great but wasn’t 32gb Phone works really well. I had to take to Verizon store to have activated. However I was expecting a 32gb and only received a16gb so that was disappointing.

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