Elephant Design Hard Case Cover Skin for iphone 5

Elephant Design Hard Case Cover Skin for iphone 5

This is a very unique case that will surely catch the attention of your peers!It is also a good idea to send it as a gift to your friends.

Product Features

  • Brand new classic style for iphone 5
  • Made with excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials slim fit style.
  • Protects your mobile phone against scratches, dirt, fingerprints and other daily damages.
  • Color and Design as the picture showing.

3 thoughts on “Elephant Design Hard Case Cover Skin for iphone 5

  1. Aly

    Not what I expected–don’t buy This case was not what I was expecting. It was literally just a sticker slapped on a cheap plastic case. That wasn’t even what bothered me the most though. What really bothered me was the fact that the image on the sticker was blurry–as if the image they used was too small and they blew it up to fit the case. It looked terrible. The case itself fit very tightly on my phone, so when I took it off–after a good deal of effort from both my brother and me for 20 minutes–it scratched the side of my phone. I would never recommend this case or any other product made by this company to anyone. Don’t buy!

  2. emily

    Horrible The case is mothing like the picture. It looks messed up and nothing like the picture, I’m extremely disappointed about this product

  3. Shanita

    Worst Case looked nothing like the picture. Looked like a picture printed on a cheap printer and glued on a flimsy case. Plus it took like 3 and a half weeks to get here

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