Big Mouth Toys The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Big Mouth Toys The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Get your grill on  Our unique camouflage grilling apron holds everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun.   Holds 6 beverage cans or bottles, comes with a built in can opener, and more pockets then he could ever need. Made from 100-Percent cotton, one size fits all, fully adjustable length.

Product Features

  • Get your grill on
  • Our unique camouflage grilling apron holds everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun.
  • One size fits all with adjustable strap
  • Makes a Great Fun Gag Gift
  • Great for parties

3 thoughts on “Big Mouth Toys The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

  1. Caleb Reynolds
    Caleb Reynolds says:

    Just an apron? Please.. Just another great product with more than one use! First off, let me start off by saying that this apron comes with it all! The first thing that caught my eye (which is hard to believe) is the camouflage pattern. Secondly, I love how many pockets it has, it makes me feel like I’m Batman. The apron comes equipped with 6, count ’em, 6 can pockets. This is the area where you can store all the beers you plan on drinking for that one grilling session. I’m over here asking if 6 will even be enough for me while I cook hamburgers for twenty minutes! Next to the can holders, comes a neat little spot for a can opener. You never know when your beer won’t open and you have to whip out the can opener. Below that are the pockets for all your spatulas (in case you want to do double burger flipping). Next to the spatulas are salt and pepper shaker holders, and also bottle holders. In the picture, you can see that the rough-looking grilling man is carrying his Ketchup, mustard, and what ever is in the brown bottle (probably ground up meat, that he made from his Meat Handlers). And on the very right of the apron is a bottle of Windex; you never know when some Windex will come in handy, especially when you’re out barbecuing. Now, yeah this is an apron, but I’ve found more uses for it. I figured I would take it with me when I went grocery shopping, and it was better than a cart! You just stick all your groceries in the pockets and you’re a walking grocery cart. And better yet, it won’t even look like you are stealing because of the camouflage design. Another clever way you can use this is when you’re taking a shower. Right after you finish shopping, you take the groceries out and fill the pockets with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, loran, etc. The best part about it is: you don’t have to take off the apron; all you do is slip right out of your clothes, without a hassle! I also like that when I’m done with my shower, the apron acts as a shower robe, and it dries me off in a jiffy. These are the ways have found my grilling apron useful, and would love to know what other people have figured out with theirs!

  2. Omar

    Awesome, good quality Its a one size fits all, it looks really durable and not cheaply made. Everyone will compliment you on it. Its fun and its the only apron that I could find that looked manly, the beer holders are awesome. you will not use all 6 at once because they will get hot if you are grillin, but the one on top definitely; great to know where your beer is at all times. All the extra pockets are plenty helpful.Only downside is if you have more than one beer, the weight will make it sag a lot, but like I said before, you will not have all beers there unless you are chuggin’!

  3. J. Pizarro

    Perfect for the 4th of July Cook off Bought this for a BBQ cook off we had this past 4th of July and had the whole street’s attention. It gets a bit heavy when you pack on all the beers on the front, if you also add all the utensils and everything you see on the picture I’ll guarantee you wont be smiling like the guy in the image there.

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