Brinkmann 9021 Shish Kabob Set

Brinkmann 9021 Shish Kabob Set

The perfect grill accessory for cooking meat, shrimp, vegetables, and many other small foods. The space saving unit holds up to 6 skewers of food. The multiple insertion design allows the cook to either handle each skewer individually in case you have food with different cook times, or the skewers can be placed through the holes on each side and the unit can be flipped as a whole. With a durable powder coated finish, the unit is dishwasher safe and can be folded in half for easy storage and cleaning.

Product Features

  • Grill accessory for cooking meat, shrimp, vegetables, and more
  • Space saving unit holds up to six skewers of food
  • Durable Powder coated steel construction
  • Design ensures stability; for use with ovens, grills, or smokers
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes stand and six skewers

3 thoughts on “Brinkmann 9021 Shish Kabob Set

  1. Troglodyte "Troglodyte"
    Troglodyte "Troglodyte" says:

    Kebab perfection, great value and functionality Straight out of the box, I managed to make three batches of perfect kebabs on my first attempt with this set. Yes, I bought three sets. Beef, Mediterranean lamb, and Asian chicken all turned out perfectly. The points are sharp enough to pierce meat and vegetables, but dull/safe enough that they don’t pierce your fingers. The skewers are flattened just enough that they’re still small (didn’t split onions), but the chicken didn’t spin around like it can do on single wooden skewers. Some reviews suggested that the meat was not resting on the grill – it’s not really supposed to be, indirect heat works best. The height of the stands was perfect for 1-1/4″ cubes of meat and vegetables to just lightly contact the grill(1-1/4″ cubes are ideal for slight char on outside yet still cooked through over med-high heat without overcooking veg).So, perfect results, why not 5 stars? I’m giving a 4 out of 5 for three reasons – the frame folds, and can be a little tricky on the grill lifting the skewers to turn them (probably just need to get used to them). The rings at the top of the skewers have a slight gap, and when they don’t have food on them, they tend to get stuck to each other worse than a bunch of empty clothes hangers. The notches where the skewers rest in the frame are rounded at the bottom, so the skewers sometimes want to rotate to one side or the other (hard to control the precise angle – critical for 90-degree rotation every 2-3 minutes.)Two of these fit on the grill at the same time (I’ve just got an average-sized propane grill). Just make sure to place the rings on the outside on both sets (away from each other) for ease of access with tongs for rotating.

  2. Vip ""all""

    The prongs are ok, the rack is not THe prongs do the job but if you insist on using the accompanying rack you are out of luck. Everything becomes to crowded very quickly and you can’t really fit everything on there — as shown in the picture. Blah Blah Blah — I still use it.

  3. jrknob

    No quality here I ordered two sets of these. One of the frames broke just taking it out of the box. The frames and skewers are made of the same low quality material. Basically I got no sense of any durability whatsoever. Surprised Brinkmann even put there name on this product.

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