Big Mouth Toys The Gun Mug

Big Mouth Toys The Gun Mug

Stop or Ill shoot This gun shaped coffee mug will have you feeling like a real Dirty Harry. Makes a great gift for the person in your life that needs extra excitement with their morning beverage.

Product Features

  • A pistol shaped ceramic coffee mug
  • Ceramic product for hot beverages
  • Fun pistol shape for adds excitement to an beverage
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • This product does not carry an extended warranty

3 thoughts on “Big Mouth Toys The Gun Mug

  1. Angie

    A Man and His Mug My current lover is a fire arms specialist, or something. He shoots a lot of guns and gets paid to do it. I had no idea what to get him for his birthday,and then I discovered this awesome treasure. I’m glad I did. He loved it. And of course, I had to use it too.To address some concerns:- The paint: I didn’t notice any botchy paint.- The durability: It hasn’t broken or chipped, but it is clearly NOT a strong, heavy ceramic. It’s quite light, and I imagine if you are too rough with it, it will break. Also, it doesn’t appear to be bulletproof.- The size: If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, you will refill this mug often. If you just have a cup in the morning, then it’ll hold enough beverage.- The logistics: Some dudes have complained that their fingers won’t fit through the trigger hole. Mine fit fine (but I’m a woman). If your burly fingers cant fit, it’s easy to grip it like normal, or just pinch the gun handle.- The amusement: 5/5 stars. It’s a gun mug! C’mon! If that isn’t the most awesome idea ever, then, I wish you the best anyway.And to think I almost got him a really nice pen.

  2. Trunkmonkey

    Meh Fun novelty cup, but broke the handle in the first week. More for decoration. Handle also smaller than I had imagined. OK purchase, but use only for decoration.

  3. John

    This thing is horrible. I bought this thing as a Christmas present and it’s junk. Obviously I knew that I wouldn’t be receiving an extremely high quality product. After all, it’s cheap and with stuff like this you often get what you pay for. But I didn’t expect for it to be this bad. The gun looks like it’s about to break off and the paint is wearing off as well. Brand new out of the box and it looks like it’s been used for the past 10 years.It’s junk. Don’t buy it.

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