3 thoughts on “Huawei Inspira SIM 5 Android Prepaid Phone (Net10)

  1. Katelyn Weller
    Katelyn Weller says:

    Huawei Inspira I would recommend this phone to anybody who wants a smart phone but not a super expensive one. The shipping was super fast and I even chose the 5-8 shipping day. I got the phone on Tuesday and wasn’t suppose to until Saturday. The phone is not what I was expecting at all, it is much better. Very pleased with this device!

  2. Chris B. Hirner
    Chris B. Hirner says:

    Good enough phone but network needs to be clearer in listing Why cant any of these listing say which carrier the prepaid phone will be on? Had to buy it to find out its a TMOBILE phone. I like em but in my area their 3g is spotty. Listing should say GSM-A or GSM-T or CDMA-S or CDMA-V. Seems simple enought dont it?

  3. Theresa Harris
    Theresa Harris says:

    bad screen, out of the box The phones features and abilities are exactly what I expected, but the touch screen has been messed up since out of the box. It often doesn’t recognize my request or touch, and it does stuff on its own.

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