3 thoughts on “Apk Installer

  1. Katherine Naughton
    Katherine Naughton says:

    Love it! I found this app to be the most useful so far. I’m on my 3rd Kindle Fire within the last 12 months (usb port issues) and have rooted the first two to be able to use the android apps outside of amazon. Let’s face it, amazon’s selection is rather poorly.However with the New Kindle Fire (2nd Gen) I really didn’t want to have to go through the headache of rooting again. This app made it to where I could use previous apps that would not normally work on the Kindle Fire without being rooted. Super easy to use, self explanatory really. I would recommend this app for those that don’t want to root, but want to take advantage of the wider selection of apps for android based devices.

  2. ltyus07

    Great for Andriod downloads I was having problems downloading to my andriod phone varies apps, so I downloaded this app and now I can download from any website including Amazon, Googlepaly ect..

  3. Scott W. Yannitell
    Scott W. Yannitell says:

    Its free, it works, and it is not a bitch to use What else could you possibly want?It scans your directories for apks to install and finds them for you. You can manage your apk files right from within the program. There are other apk installer apps. This one works at least as well as the others if not a little better.

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