Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls, 4 Piece Set

Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls, 4 Piece Set

Mini Pinch Bowl Set – A set of 4 miniature pinch bowls each measuring 2.5″ x 1.5″ are ideal for prepping cooking ingredients or serving condiments. Made of flexible hi-heat resistant silicone that doesn’t absorb tastes or odors. Dishwasher safe and FDA approved.

Product Features

  • Set of 4 miniature pinch bowls; just pinch bowl to funnel ingredients
  • Ideal for holding chopped herbs, peppercorns, or sauces, or for serving condiments
  • Made of flexible silicone; doesn’t take on odors or tastes
  • Each bowl measures 1.5 inches height by 2.5 inches diameter
  • Dishwasher-safe; heat-resistant to 500 degrees F; FDA-approved

2 thoughts on “Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls, 4 Piece Set

  1. Two kids mom "scienceteachermom"
    Two kids mom "scienceteachermom" says:

    Handy for kids and yes, you can wash them in the dishwasher! My two young kids love these for ketchup for fries, dip for veggies, salsa, nacho cheese sauce etc. They use a lot less when the stuff is in the bowl as it does not spread all over the plate. They can actually scrape almost everything out of the little bowls. You can wash them in the dishwasher, but you need a little basket. I still have mine from washing pacifiers and such. The baskets can be found in the infant section of store and are useful for washing any small item (icing tips, small lids etc).

  2. NuJoi "Create with me"
    NuJoi "Create with me" says:

    I love these bowls These little bowls are perfect for chopped herbs, garlic, vanilla. I also use them when working with poultry to hold salt and pepper.Their flexible shape makes them easy to use. I have small glass bowls as well, but I find myself reaching more for these. Dishwasher safe and they don’t take up a lot of space.These fun bowls definitely make mis en place easier.

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