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  1. DroutKaiser

    The most powerful armor arrives!! Ultimate Armor X!!! Before we start with the review let’s do a background check on this beautiful piece of armor.Ultimate Armor X debuted for the first time in MMX4 for the Sega Saturn and PS1(depending on the console at the time)as a cheat code that you would input in the game on the character selection. Once that was done and you start playing the game, you would see regular X in the game but instead of sporting the light blue colors on his body he would have purple instead, this is an indication that the code has been successfully inputted. Then afterwards you go and select any of the maverick boss’s stage that you could get access to a Dr. Light’s Capsule (doesn’t matter which capsule, any will do), some people would go to the Web Spider Stage since is the easiest to get(however i prefer the Cyber Peacock stage for the reasons that i get a heart, a energy tank and the armor capsule all in one go). Once that’s done and you get out of the armor capsule you will see X sporting an entire set of the armor and in a different color, blue instead of white color like the other previews armor upgrades. the highlight of this armor in the game is that you could do an ultimate attack called the Nova Strike as many time as you want, it is such a broken attack that pretty much you don’t even need to use the boss’s weapons in the majority of the game since not only this does a massive damage but it also gives you a temporary invincibility while performing the attack, thats how powerful and broken it is. (note: to get Zero’s Black Armor just input the code on the character selection screen, however this armor doesn’t do anything special for Zero except just turning his Armor color from red to black).Ultimate Armor X also returns again for 2 other games in the continuity:-MMX5: You have 2 ways to get the armor, you can get it by inputting a code at the characters select screen which it will allow you to start with it or by playing the game and reach the third final stage where you have to fight Zero/X or Maverick Zero depending who you’re using and if Zero is a Maverick or not. You will need to use X in his regular form to be able to get this, otherwise the armor capsule won’t appear. Just before the last area with the huge hole and a bunch floating platforms, you should see a small hole with a motionless platform hovering above. Jump down and slide down the right side of the hole, you’ll eventually enter a secret room with the capsule which it will give you the Ultimate Armor. everything still remains the same except that instead of having the purple colors it would have the light blue colors instead.(note: you can do the same thing for Zero to get his Black Armor either trough a code or reaching the third final stage where the X’s ultimate Armor Capsule would be).-MMX6: Again this armor returns for this game, the only way to get this armor is by inputting a special code on the title screen, you will hear a sound that it will indicate you that the code has been successfully inputted. Once you start the game you will see X sporting the Ultimate Armor, his effects still remains the same, the only change that it had is that instead of sporting the dark blue color in the armor is changed to black instead. (note: you can also get Zero’s black armor in the game by inputting a code, however you can only have one code inputted at a time. you cannot have both X’s Ultimate Armor or Zero’s Black Armor at same time.Truly this armor would go down in history as the most powerful of all.Now to the review of the figure:Bandai has decided to release for the D-arts Megaman X line the most powerful armor of all, the Ultimate Armor X, truly they capture the image of the armor just like how it looks like in the official artworks. The level of detail is incredible watching the internal mechanical parts of X in the Ultimate Armor is nice, now how Bandai did that? well what they did is just simply mold the Blue transparent giving the details in the inside of the armor instead of the outside and then painted the inside with Silver to highlight those details to make them pop, i have to say that the effects works really well making it look like your watching really his internal parts. Articulation is pretty much the same as the previews D-arts Megaman X figures but a bit more solid, however i find the ankles of my figure’s feet to be a bit tough than i would like but nothing to worry about. accessories wise the figure comes with:- 3 interchangeable faces: normal face(already on the figure)/another face looking to the left, and another face looking to the right while shouting.- 2 sets of hand: 2 open hands and 2 fist.- 1 Nova Strike Wings: this include with already attached gold wings on the side and the little black piece with the green jewel at the from, this pieces can be remove from the blue backpack piece to give it the close effect mode.- 1…

  2. Worenx

    Penultimate X I was super hyped for this figure to hit my doorstep, and when it finally did, I was exceptionally giddy -as sad as that sounds; the highlight of my day was this figure- and couldn’t wait to get it out of the packaging. With all the tape carefully cut and the plastic casing gently lifted… his head came off. But that wasn’t all. His forearms kept coming off and one of the legs is slightly disjointed. It was all possibly the fault of those packaging this particular unit, and not the figure or manufacturer itself, but I noticed this to be a sort of trend with the “X” figures of the line -there are three of them, this is the third, and the other two I have had similar issues straight out of the box. I can overlook it though; it doesn’t affect posing the figure any, just getting it HOW you want to without falling apart.Like the other figures in the line, it’s got excellent detail and excellent articulation. It comes with two additional face places, an extra arm part in case you’d rather omit the buster gun from your pose, and three different hand pieces, along with the jetpack module this particular armored form of X is known for. Only, the wings fit a little loosely and are too easily removed -one slipped right out when at an angle. The fins that go on the side of the buster, however, fit just fine and stay right where you put them. The effect part that comes with it is only to reference the official character artwork, and, frankly, is a little weak, but I suppose the massive plasma shot would be a little too excessive and weigh down the figure.All in all, my experience with this figure is a pretty good one, and would be about 4.4 stars, so, it gets a flat 4 in my book. It’s a great figure, I love it, but some things kind of drag it down -the flimsy wings in the back, and my personal issues with it straight from the box can’t really be ignored; I probably just got a bad one, others might not have to deal with a popped off head.

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