Business Name Case Card Holder Aluminum Assorted Colors

Business Name Case Card Holder Aluminum Assorted Colors

Lightweight and stylish anodized aluminum business card case. Holds about 15 standard business cards. Compact design easily fits into pocket or briefcase. Assorted pink, teal, copper, blue, black and green colors (color is random and chosen at the time of shipping).

Product Features

  • Store your business cards,credit cards, and gift cards in true style with this sleek card case
  • 3 11/16″ x 2 1/4″
  • Durable brushed aluminum construction in assorted colors
  • Holds 18-20 business cards

3 thoughts on “Business Name Case Card Holder Aluminum Assorted Colors

  1. PhoenixOnPoint
    PhoenixOnPoint says:

    Sleek … but a Fingerprint Magnet that DAMAGES Your Cards! 🙁 I don’t think I’ve ever written an Amazon review before, but had to comment when I saw this holder. This is the very same one VistaPrint gives out free sometimes with certain orders, or sells for about $5. I liked it at first, especially for the price, because it seemed that all of the sleek, classic style business card holders cost upwards of $10 or $15. I no longer like it because it is THE WORST when it comes to…FINGERPRINTS.I don’t even pull it completely out of my pocketbook any more when I’m handing out business cards, because I don’t want people to see the one whole side of the holder that’s inevitably going to be smeared and riddled with (fingerprint) oils.How professional is that? I say go with one of the holders that has textured faces.CAPACITY.It only holds about EIGHT cards at a time, and I always find myself running out when I go anywhere at all, having to resort to going back to my car or carrying two card holders for backups once the measly eight this one holds are depleted.Okay. Alright. In all fairness, you can shove a couple more in the holder, but that makes the third problem worse, which is that it…DAMAGES CARDS.I have the type of business cards that are full-color, with one glossy side. The sharp edges of the thin metal (as one reviewer pointed out) SCRATCH and dig into the front card in the holder, if A) you’re not verrrrrrrry careful pulling one out (and your prospects would regard you as if you were a crackhead to pull a simple business card out like it was made of china, or B) you shove more than 8 cards in the godforsaken thing.SIGH! Just spend the $10 more and get a better holder already. This was my first. Now, at least, I know what to look for.

  2. Matthew A. McDougall
    Matthew A. McDougall says:

    Company did not ship order. This company did not come through with the order. It was such a small purchase that I didn’t really realize that I hadn’t received it until I checked my Order history. Over 90 days have passed, so I guess I’m not going to get a refund, but I thought other potential purchasers should be warned.

  3. Brandi Carroll
    Brandi Carroll says:

    What you see is not what you get!!! Instead of the name card case they have pictured, I was sent a PURPLE, PLASTIC, case. When they assorted, they send you the worst possible product. Do not order from this seller.

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