Logitech Speakers Z130

Logitech Speakers Z130

Logitech Speakers Z130 give you rich stereo sound from portable speakers. Simple to set up and control, these speakers make it easy to enjoy your music, movies, and games.

Product Features

  • Rich and strong stereo sound with 5 watts of power
  • Compact, low-profile design ideal for desks with limited space
  • Convenient on-speaker volume and power controls, headphone jack, plus 3.5mm jack input for your MP3, DVD or CD player
  • Simple setup – connects to your laptop or desktop with a standard 3.5mm plug.Works with Windows and Mac OS
  • This item is non-returnable.

3 thoughts on “Logitech Speakers Z130

  1. jose.lee

    Big sound, small price Hi,I know that when we purchase budget speakers we would like to find a gem hidden in the clutter as these are low-engineered just to sell…I believe in all honesty that Logitech did something right with this particular model.I read the pro and con reviews from my fellow shoppers and understand that one person’s good experience is the antithesis to someone else’s flop.I just wanted something to connect my HD radio at work and felt these would be in line with Frisby (cannot recall which model as they are not labeled), I bought them some time ago and feel they are OK, with the caveat of no low end.Wow! these little Z130 devils pack a punch that I could not believe when I connected them to the cable box to listen to music as a test. Granted, 5 watts is not a lot but in a small apartment they are both loud and deep (bass-wise). In the office I would get complaints from adjacent cubicles so they are staying home and the Frisby speakers have been relegated to office duty.I connected the Z130s to the laptop and TV and highly recommend them. Once again, I understand that no matter what brand people purchase there will always be those cases where they malfunction for whatever reason (cold-solder joints, sub-par components, etc.)Hopefully, these will last me for a while as I plan to eventually get a 3 piece to watch action movies and really rumble the house.Enjoy your sound experience whatever you decide on…

  2. Sam Wender

    Good bang for your buck I’ve used these speakers for about a week and am impressed thus far. They are several times louder than my laptop and better quality sound as well. They do tweak out at 80% or higher volume, but below 80% is plenty loud. I would definitely recommend these speakers thus far.

  3. SML

    Not bad for the money I originally purchased the $10 logitech speakers from wal mart because of their great reviews on amazon- they had horrible interference on one side- I returned them to wal mart and got these. I have a Bose surround sound system for my t.v. so I am spoiled sound wise but I just wanted something really inexpensive to hook up to the computer to listen to internet radio when I’m working and I have to say these are not bad at all for that. They sound pretty good for only paying $25. If you are planning to crank them up really loud they aren’t as good but at regular volumes they are pretty good. I’m enjoying the ability to listen to pandora- these are a good buy for the money- if you just want something inexpensive and you aren’t going to pick the sound apart these are a good buy.

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