2 thoughts on “HP 630797-001 Speakers – HP LCD speakers

  1. Jenni

    Such power from such tiny speakers Love these speakers. They are so tiny but work better than the speakers I had that were 5 times as big. They fit perfectly under my double monitor display at work. You can barely see them. I actually had to turn the volume down on my computer when I first used them. What was a comfortable volume with my old speakers was now loud with these. These are great. An excellent buy!

  2. Chris

    These little things rock! bought a set of these about a month ago for my computer. ive got to say, the amount of volume that comes out of these little things is nuts. the sound is great.just purchased a second set for my other computer. at $11.99 you cant go wrong.the only negative thing about these speakers, and its a very small one, is that they do not have an adjustable volume control on the speaker like my compaq speakers do. these speakers probably wouldn’t be too loud when hooked up to an xbox since you cant control the volume like you can a computer.moved my adjustable compaq speakers (another great amazon buy, price shot up $30 after i purchased) to my xbox and i will soon have two computers with these great little speakers.

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