Apple iPhone 5, Black 16GB (Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 5, Black 16GB (Unlocked)

This Brand New iphone 5 16GB White phone comes in Original box from Apple with all Original accessories in the box. This iphone 5 16GB phone comes Factory Unlocked for any GSM and will work with any GSM SIM card in the world.

Product Features

  • 4-inch Retina display
  • A6 chip, iOS 6 and iCloud
  • 8.0MP iSight camera
  • All-new EarPods and improved audio
  • Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as with GSM SIM cards (e.g. H20 and select prepaid carriers). Unlocked cell phones will not work with CDMA Carriers like Sprint, Verizon, Boost or Virgin.

3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5, Black 16GB (Unlocked)

  1. Weiting Zhang
    Weiting Zhang says:

    This seller is a liar!!!!! I received this iphone on September 23rd. When I opened the phone and charged the phone, the charger got really hot that I got burned on my hand. I brought this phone to the apple store and the sales there told me that this phone was activated last year. The paint of the cover went off. The parts are not originally from Iphone factory. I also found out some messages in the inbox talking about that the phone was reported lost first and sold to the seller.I contacted the seller but he didn’t admit that the phone is a used iphone. And he didn’t have any further response for my return and refund request. I have filed a claim with Amazon to resolve this issue.

  2. Qi Li

    Lisited a locked iphone5 as “Unlocked” It was listed as “Unlocked” iphone5, but it was locked, my friend took the phone back to China, couldn’t use it and needed to send back.

  3. Tristan "Randomitemizers"
    Tristan "Randomitemizers" says:

    Sharp, Solid, but Harder to Hold than IPhone 4 I have been using the iPhone starting with the very first one. It was expensive back then. So, in comparison, today’s prices really are not that bad. So my thoughts on the iPhone 5 are:1) Retina display is awesome. Everything looks more defined and sharper. It is like wearing glasses for the first time! There is much color and clarity out there… or should I say, in those digital images and videos… needless to say, the camera as well captures great images.2) Call quality is excellent, no issues at all. I also like the new earbuds better. They fit my ears better and call signal is very good. By the way, the packaging of the earphones was A+++.3) Build – same as all previous iPhones, maybe a tad sturdier. I dropped my phone last night when I got off my car, so it now has a skid mark one of the aluminum corners – boy am I happy it was just a ragged little nick on the outer antenna (corner). The glass did not shatter or crack. The aluminum back wasn’t scratched. Of course the way it fell may have mattered, but still, a drop on our concrete garage floor is a drop. The experience speaks well of Apple.4) Size and shape – this is where I took out a star. The increased screen size looks good. But a longer, thinner, “uniform-flatness” shape – although indeed a great form factor visually – does not translate into a comfortable hold. I feel like I am holding on to only the right and left side of the phone, almost daintily (like holding a small teacup with your little pinky upturned). My thumb on one side, and my pointer and third finger on the other. The back does not even touch my palm. I am not sure how others hold their phones, but I feel a little awkward with this one. I am tempted to but a bulky case (like some ugly Otterbox or one with extended battery) but then it wouldn’t look as trendy.So I leave it at that. I love my phone and I use it a lot, mostly for communication purposes, and not for entertainment. But I am still adjusting to how I am supposed to hold this neat little thing comfortably. iPhone 4’s shape was better, in my opinion, but everything else about the 5 is better than 4 or 4S.To each his own! This review is not an all-encompassing review, so read it with a grain of salt, and most of all, enjoy your new phone, whatever it may be!

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