3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 8GB (White) – Verizon

  1. Sam I Am

    Buy an external case, know exactly what you’re buying – and what you’re not… The iPhone 4 (regardless of your cell phone carrier) works best if it has a case. There was some issue with the iPhone 4 and the quality of the internal cell phone antenna. Without the case, I drop from full reception to only one bar. I had the same exact issues when I owned an unlocked iPhone 4 which I used with T-Mobile. So I highly recommend also purchasing an external case, to protect your phone as well as improve the cell phone signal.Definitely you need to understand what you’re buying. This iPhone will not work on any wireless carrier other than Verizon. You can’t take this phone and switch over to AT&T or T-Mobile service, because they use a different cell phone technology than Verizon. A lot of the unhappy user reviews posted on Amazon for this product suggest to me that in many cases, the buyer just didn’t understand what they were purchasing.Another problem may be with the prefilled Amazon product description. This is not technically an “unlocked phone.” An unlocked iPhone is one that will work on different cell phone carriers, so some people may have bought the phone relying on the word “unlocked,” which is completly inaccurate and misleading. This phone will only work on the Verizon network.There’s no SIM card slot on the Verizon iPhone, and by design, there’s no memory card slot either. You’ll have to live with the 8 GB (actually closer to 6 GB) of space available on the phone. I’ve kept my iPod for listening to music – my primary reason for buying this iPhone 4 was so I could use it as a phone.My final suggestion is this: anyone who buys this iPhone from Amazon should not wait to activate it with Verizon. Even if you’ve bought it as a gift, don’t wait to make sure the phone works, because on the off-chance the phone was reported lost or stolen and deactivated by Verizon(a “bad ESN”), you will need to get in contact with Amazon right away so you can send the phone back for a refund. This is one of the advantages of buying directly from Amazon – you might pay more money but at least, if you buy from them (and not from one of their third-party sellers), you have Amazon customer service to watch your back. Just make sure you’re buying the iPhone on a sale page that says “fulfilled by Amazon.” This is the one you want, because at least you know Amazon will stand behind the purchase.

  2. Anna Taylor

    Great Gift I would recommend this product to anyone who did not want to pay the price for a brand new phone. This phone was in extremely good condition. The esp was clean and the phone works perfectly.

  3. Ashley Hormell
    Ashley Hormell says:

    love it this phone is everything i hope for nothing is wrong and it works just fine i was scared that i would get a bad phone but it works great

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