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  1. S. Stevenson "FictionAddict"
    S. Stevenson "FictionAddict" says:

    Back to the Past Inspector Gadget was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and when I discovered episodes coming out on DVD, I had to pick it up. Before putting the DVD into the player, I reminded myself that some shows watched as a kid lose their fun twenty years later. I went in with this reservation, and watched it drop as I remembered all the fond memories of Penny, Brain, and of course Inspector Gadget.On the DVD, I found the first five episodes of the show, and a nice little handful of special features. The first episode, “Winter Olympics” contains the rare Gadget moustache, and also a different voice for Penny, which didn’t fit right. The next four episodes, “Monster Lake”, “Down On The Farm”, “Gadget At The Circus”, and “The Amazon” are all typical Gadget fun.The special features include an interview with Andy Heyward, one of the creators of Inspector Gadget. The interview gives some interesting insights into the making of Gadget, and answers several rumors that circulated around the show, such as are Dr. Claw and the good Inspector related? All the original public service announcements are included, and so are a bunch of sneak peeks into other shows from years ago coming onto DVD.All in all, The Gadget Files, Volume 1 is a fun addition to any avid 80’s cartooner, and fun for kids just being introduced to Inspector Gadget. I only wished there could have been more episodes packed onto this disc, but that is what Volume 2 is for!

  2. wile_e2005

    The Original Gadget! This Inspector Gadget DVD is pretty cool. It has the first five episodes, complete with the pilot with Gadget’s mustache! Here are my pros and cons for it…PROSThe original episodes are there, of course.There is the interview with the show’s creator.The pilot has its original dialogue (since reruns of this episode had badly-edited-in new voiceovers explaining Gadget’s mustache was a disguise.)CONSJust five episodes only :PThe following edits…EDITSThe title of each episode is electronically added at the start of the episodes. When these cartoons originally aired, they had no episode titles!The public service announcements at the end of each episode were cut-and-pasted; they were taken out of the episodes and used as special features. This was a bit unnecessary.The original DiC logo featuring Inspector Gadget dotting the “i” was cut. It was replaced with the 1990 Kid in Bed logo (which is partially what the company is well-known for), which is strange since the company usually uses the “Incredible World of DiC” to replace older DiC logos. However, the original late-70s LBS logo is intact.However, you gotta get your Gadget, and this DVD is a fine way. Definitely recommended for those who haven’t seen the show in a long time or want to remember the dearly-departed Don Adams.

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