3 thoughts on “Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blaze Firefly Flashlight

  1. habblie

    cute toy flashlight I got this for my two year old so he could “read” at night. He likes to take his books to bed, so I thought he’d love it. He likes to play with it in a dark hallway, but refuses to have it in bed with him! Of course, that’s no fault of the toy. :)As for the flashlight itself, it’s really cute. Bigger than I expected. I thought it’d be something like a small maglight, but it’s a big handful for a toddler. Not a complaint, just an observation. The button is easy for my son to find and use, which is good. A light push is all you need. The light is bright enough without being blinding. I wouldn’t go staring into it, but I’m comfortable leaving it with him knowing he can’t burn out the eyeballs of his baby brother who shares his room.Note that this is a TOY flashlight. It’s not all that bright. I wouldn’t recommend it for situations where you are dependent on an actual flashlight, like camping.The only downside was that mine arrived broken. The bulb was tilted, and there is no access to the bulb so I couldn’t try to fix it. The light flickered and wouldn’t stay on. I called the company and they sent me out a replacement. They said it’d take two weeks, but it arrived in one. The second flashlight came in a huge box with TONS of bubble wrap. The packaging was opened too, so I’m thinking they opened it up to make sure it worked! Of course, it worked just fine. 🙂 I really appreciated the care. And the guy on the phone was friendly, polite and efficient.The flashlight does feel a little flimsy. And like I said, you can’t access the bulb to change it. So when it burns out or if it breaks the flashlight is history. But it’s an inexpensive toy, which is just fine. I’m very happy with it!UPDATE: We’ve had this for several months now and it still works great. My son has developed a fear of the dark and takes it to bed with him now. He falls asleep with it on often. And I still haven’t had to change the batteries! This really is a neat little light.UPDATE: It’s March 2011. Still haven’t had to change the batteries. Light still works and looks brand new. It HAS to be on all night almost every night with my son. He also takes it into the dark hall to play. His baby brother plays with it and bangs it against the hard wood floor. This light is amazing! Even if (when) it does break, I will definitely buy a new one. Upped my review to a full 5 stars.UPDATE: Ok, this thing is starting to scare me. It STILL works. I’ll find it under the bed buried in stuffed animals, on, so it’s likely been on for a several days. I haven’t changed the batteries once. It’s the end of July 2011, so it’s been nearly 9 months and still going strong (though maybe a tad dimmer).

  2. B. Johnson

    Toddler Loves it! We got this for our night owl of a son who is 2 1/2. Regardless of the fact that we put him down at a reasonable time he usually up chatting, singing, etc. for 1-2 hours before finally drifting off. We thoughtt that if he had a flashlight with him in bed he could read through a few books in his crib.This flashlight is perfect and he loves it! It’s got a simple button to push for off and on, the light is not too bright and not too dim and regardless of how long the light is on it doesn’t get hot. We are then able to go in after he finally is off in dream land and click the flashlight off and remove it from his crib. He also loves to run around with this flashlight at night and turn off the household lights so he can use it. Good fun for mighty cheap!

  3. albertino "albertino"
    albertino "albertino" says:

    A poor flashlight but let’s talk about the company Yes, like a lot of the other reviewers, I have to say that the overall quality of this flashlight is low. My youngest daughter bought one for our granddaughter (her niece) with her own money and was very disappointed in its lack of function upon opening it. We decided to use the situation as a learning opportunity and contacted Melissa and Doug to report our lack of satisfaction. I spoke with a very responsive and personable young woman who dutifully took my information and promised to make things good by honoring my request for a replacement. Well, they followed through and we received a working replacement in just over two weeks (again, as promised). It’s still not a very high quality or durable flashlight, but I was very favorably impressed by their responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction. You’ll have to decide if the chance of getting a good flashlight is worth the price, but the company is top-notch. I can tell you this: my grandchildren will be seeing a lot more of the Melissa and Doug name on their toy shelves. And my daughter has learned that giving a company a chance to make good when things go wrong is well worth the effort.

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