Travelon Coat Rack for Car Seat, Steel, One Size

Travelon Coat Rack for Car Seat, Steel, One Size

2036-0 Features: -Keep your jacket or coat wrinkle free.-Does not obstruct driver’s view.-Attaches easily to car seat’s headrest. Color/Finish: -Color: Chrome. Assembly Instructions: -No tools or assembly required.

Product Features

  • Coat Rack for Car Seat
  • Steel
  • Does not obstruct driver’s view
  • Attaches easily to car s headrest
  • Keeps your jacket wrinkle free

3 thoughts on “Travelon Coat Rack for Car Seat, Steel, One Size

  1. T. Ho

    (5/5) Nice Single Coat Rack I’m in the business field and I frequently dress up in business appropriate attire; I notice that I often bring a coat hanger just to hang my suit at the back of my car behind the driver’s seat on the passenger overhead handle. After many years of driving on the freeway and watching my suit sway back and forth and sometimes even slip off the coat hanger, I decided that there must be a better way to keep a suit suspended in great condition. Then this product caught my eye. I drive a 2009 Honda Accord and when I attached it to my headrest, to my surprise, the tension grips the headrest very well. So I decided to test it; I brought out my suit and put it on the coat rack. Because my suit isn’t heavy, I decided to give it more weight by pulling down on the coat rack. Again, to my surprise this coat rack continued to stay on the headrest even after possibly 10 pounds of downward force! I was shocked because I expected it to pop off (not snap off because this coat hanger is quite tough, the metal is quite stiff and the plastic at the bottom is tough).Pros and Cons:Pro(s):- Tough, heavy duty quality- Grips the headrest’s bars nicely (and the plastic tension clips at the bottom don’t swivel easily so it helps the rack stay in place)- Does not cause your coat/jacket to sway while you drive- Doesn’t cover your blind spots (when you put it behind the driver’s side)- Doesn’t hinder a passenger from sitting behind the coat rack with a coat being hung (although it will be a bit crowded for him or her)Con(s):- Size, it’s actually quite big so putting it away can become a problem- The plastic tension clips at the bottom are big (about 1.5 inches) so the head rest won’t be able to go down to support your head if you’re a short personOther Note(s):- I’d like to say that this coat rack seems low profile, but everyone that rides in my car always notices it first (without a coat, jacket, or suit on it, the metal has a very brilliant shine to it)- Because this coat rack is directly behind you (if you put it behind the driver’s side), when you drive you may freak out because it can seem like someone is directly behind you (it took awhile for me to get used to the feeling)Recommendation(s)/Suggestion(s):- If the rack does not seem stiff enough, try stretching the bottom outward. This way will cause the plastic clips at the bottom to push out with more force making it grip the headrest bars better and stiffer.Overall, this coat/jacket rack works wonderfully and I gave it a 5/5 because it works well with all my coats/jackets and solved my problem of preventing wrinkly and dusty coats/jackets.Thanks for reading this review. Cheers!

  2. dasAuto

    Useless after black plastic broke This worked well for several months, at which time the the black piece of plastic that wedges itself onto the headrest posts snapped. I then had to use metal zip-ties (the plastic ones broke) to zip tie it to the headrest post (after using a Dremel to drill small holes into the remaining black plastic to accept the zip tie). At that point it was more or less permanently attached to the headrest. What a pain!! When I finally had to remove it for some reason I just threw it away. Needs a redesign.

  3. great buys

    Good fix! This is a great fix to a common problem in the car. Putting your coat on a hanger, it blocks the window and when the coats not there the hanger is constantly smacking the window. This product was great because although it is not a fancy wooden one, it is a great price for a nice looking chrome rack. I do wish that it was a bit bendable because the shoulders are wide, therefore this would not work well for a petite person. However, it works perfectly for an average coat (be it a winter, lab, suit coat or anything). It puts it out of the way yet easily accesible. Also, easily removable as well.

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