Fred & Friends Freeze Handgun-Shaped Ice-Cube Tray

Fred & Friends Freeze ice cube tray is made from silicone. It’s cleverly shaped like a briefcase and has six molds per tray shaped like automatic hand guns. The tray is a businesslike gray suiting its briefcase shape. The handguns look really funny and out of place in a glass. Very funny.

Product Features

  • Handgun-shaped ice-cube tray brings an unexpected twist to any party
  • Flexible silicone construction yields 6 detailed ice cubes and bends for quick release
  • Briefcase-shaped exterior with cutout carrying handle adds mobster-style flair
  • Dishwasher-safe; clear, recyclable gift box included
  • Measures approximately 5-4/5 by 7-1/5 by 1 inches

2 thoughts on “Fred & Friends Freeze Handgun-Shaped Ice-Cube Tray

  1. Minnie

    Love the shape! As a gift for my boyfriend for his birthday was great. Very unusual. He loved it. Just make sure you clean it really good before using it. I did and then made the icecubes. When he used the cubes, there was a powdery film on the top of his drink from the cubes. I suggest making the cubes and throwing them away until no more powder remains, washing between uses. It is very flimsy, and you need to put it on a flat tray or plate you can get it to the freezer without spilling it.

  2. DSteez

    Best Ice Cube Tray Ever What do you get a gun enthusiast for Christmas who already has everything? A pistol shaped ice cube tray. It made great looking ice. I also loved the package, on the front, it says “Pop a cap in your glass”.

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