Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System (CA-3602a)

Enjoy the thunderous bass response from the CA-3602a speaker system by Cyber Acoustics. This three-piece system includes two 2-inch satellite speakers and a 5.25-inch subwoofer with a throw voice-coil and tuned port for an enhanced response. The sleek design of the satellite speakers will compliment any desktop computer or any small entertainment system. Conveniently control the speakers using the desktop pod that also has a headphone jack and auxiliary input.1-Year Warranty.

Product Features

  • Three-piece speaker system with two satellite speakers and subwoofer
  • 2-inch magnetically shielded satellite speakers; 5.25-inch subwoofer
  • Acoustic balanced wood cabinet subwoofer
  • Desktop control pod controls power, volume, and bass, and has headphone jack and auxiliary input

2 thoughts on “Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System (CA-3602a)

  1. Steve

    A+ Look no further!!! Finally found what I was looking for! The Cyber Acoustics 3 pc has AMAZING sound for the price range! When it comes to sound I’m pretty picky. The sub-woofer is perfect. Speakers look nice. Sound is full and has volume. I’m sure if you buy a system for $150 or more it will sound better (I would hope so) ….but this is not $150 this is only $39 and would have paid more.Keep in mind that the volume on your output source, equalizer settings, sound card, programs you may or may not have that improve the sound quality will effect your speakers performance. Don’t forget to tweak all that… (I use the program “hear” for my mac)The desktop pod is great (Which has controls for your bass, speaker volume, aux jack, and headphone jack.)I recently returned the Logitec Z240 which was crap. The bass is a joke and sound was flat. If $40 is your budget look no further go with this! It’s terrific for music, streaming Netflix, dvd’s ect..This is the first time I have ever bothered to review a product, but am so pleased with this particular product I thought I’d share.I will defiantly be purchasing more of these units for other rooms and bathrooms for ipod use…..just order itOne more thing…People why do we rate products one star due to shipping discrepancy or amazon customer service??? Sure go ahead and mention it in your review, but don’t let that affect your overall rating…You are rating the PRODUCT, not Amazon…(at least that’s why I use the reviews as a resource for purchases)

  2. photo_artiste
    photo_artiste says:

    Big Bang for your Buck! I’ll keep simple and as short as possible:I was familiar with Cyber Acoustics before I bought these and had used their smaller two piece systems and one 3 piece as well and overall I was very impressed with the sound quality of what I had heard.Therefore I shopped Amazon to save $10 or more over my local Office Max and also have a greater selection to replace my old computer speakers and started with a CA two piece that looked slick but uncharacteristically were awful. Great thing about Amazon, easy free returns and exchanges so I stepped up to these and have been very pleased.I will simply say this; I am a musician with a very picky ear for sound. I do not like to listen to any music on anything that is not high-end quality. The first pair of speakers I ever bought as an Adult for my home sound system was a pair of ADS Speakers that in 1988 cost $700 (I was a kid). Speakers make your system, period.My review of these is simple; if you are wanting to save some cash and/or have a regular sized office you will love these speakers for several reasons:They sound great up to a more than reasonable high-end Volume and Bass setting without distortion that is plenty loud enough to piss off your office or house mates (or the spouse) and possibly even your neighbors and they have a few simple but very nice extra features. The peak sound is very high but doesn’t sound good, however, if you need this much volume you need to spend a few hundred dollars and look elsewhere. BOTTOM LINE: This system rocks and has great sound.Nice Features: The sound wheel which you can set on your desk and allows you to turn the speakers on and off with I personally love. You can also adjust the Bass with it and the Volume as well, very easy to use and if these controls were on the Sub woofer I would not have even considered these. Another very nice feature on the same wheel is an AUX IN and HEADPHONE JACK IN which allows you to simply plug in your iPod and/or Headphones with ease and without the need to unplug your speakers from you computer in giving you extra jacks which I really like. The little plastic stand for your iPod is nothing to really comment on but is a nice feature as if nothing else it allows you to clear a small space on your desk for you MP3 player.My uses: iPod plug and play through the Aux jack (comes with a nice cord to plug into your AUX jack and iPod).Directly listed to iTunes though my computer including watching an occasion TV Show or Movie on iTUnes or Hulu.Streaming sound and normal computer sound applications.All the 5 STARS represent the sound and product for the price which is how products like this should be rated in my opinion. That is it would not be a 5 Star rating if the price were three times what it is.

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