Anker® Astro Mini 3000mAh Portable Lipstick-Sized External Battery Backup Charger – Blue

Anker® Astro Mini 3000mAh Portable Lipstick-Sized External Battery Backup Charger – Blue

Low-profile? Check. Convenient? You know it. Reliable? Of course. With the Anker® Astro Mini, gain access to stylish, portable power – all in the palm of your hand.

A shot to your phone.
When all you need is a boost, the Anker® Astro Mini’s got you covered. Holds enough juice to get you back up and running without weighing you down (less than 3oz). Add more than a full charge – that’s up to 9 hours of talk time to an iPhone or more than 90 hours of audio playback to most other phones.

Undercover power.
The external battery of choice for secret agents, overnight campers, busy parents and those headed out for a night on the town. At the approximate size of a tube of lipstick, it slips easily into your bag, pocket or even your clutch (only 3.5in long). Eliminate the bulk, but still be ready with a backup.

Primo construction.
As with all Anker® products, each Astro Mini is built with dependability in mind. Specifically, we incorporate premium microchips, Samsung Grade A cells and a rugged aluminum outer shell to ensure the highest quality possible to our customers. Whether you’re in the car, at a party or somewhere out on the trail, know you’ve got a reliable battery that won’t let you down.

For optimal use.
• Compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other 5V input USB-charged devices. The iPod nano, Samsung and Asus tablets, some GPS and Bluetooth devices are not supported.
• Please note, Apple adapters – 30 pin and lightning, not included for iPhones and iPads.
• To start a charge, first press the power button.

Get to know us.
The Anker Astro external battery has been voted #1 in class by thousands of online reviewers. Every sale includes an 18-month, worry-free guarantee to prove the importance we set on quality. After all, we’re customers too.

Product Features

  • Add more than a full charge or 9 hours of additional talk time to your iPhone 5 / 4 / 4S / 3G / 3GS. On most other phones, benefit from 1 full charge or 90+ hours of audio playback.
  • Stylish, compact, lightweight design (3.5 x 0.9 x 0.9in, 2.7oz) fits easily into any pocket or bag.
  • Shaped to resemble a flashlight or tube of lipstick to provide durable and inconspicuous power at any moment’s notice.
  • Constructed using Samsung Grade A cells and premium microchips to ensure the highest quality. Charge time: 3-4 hours via AC 0.8A adapter (not included).
  • Package contents: Anker® Astro Mini 3000mAh External Battery, Micro USB power wire, travel pouch, instruction manual.

3 thoughts on “Anker® Astro Mini 3000mAh Portable Lipstick-Sized External Battery Backup Charger – Blue

  1. msaridar

    Amazing! I got this product for my mom since she replaced her old Nokia with an iPhone 4s.Of course battery life differs drastically between those models. As a result the phone would run out of juice most of the time.Pros:-Compact in size. (9cms length 2.2cms width)-Sturdy aluminum body. (Always a good thing inside a purse)-Bright silver color. (Easier to locate in a purse)-Charges in less than 2 hours using a USB wall charger.-Fully charged the phone twice on a single charge with juice left.-Handy accessories pouch and cable included. ( mini & micro USB + iPhone plug)-Auto cut off feature if not in use.Cons:-None so far.Now we no longer worry about my mom’s phone running out of charge in case of emergencies.Highly recommended!!

  2. HonestGuy

    Convenient small size. Nice back-up power for an iPhone The Anker Astro Mini is a nice small back-up power supply to keep your power-hungry iPhone running. I ran a test with my iPhone 5 to see just how much juice you could expect.I drained my iPhone 5 down to 10%, then used the Astro mini to recharge it to 100%. The Astro still had some charge, so I drained my iPhone 5 down to 10% again, then used the Astro mini to recharge. This time I only got back to 40% charged before the Astro was done.The way I look at it, you can get ~1.2 full iPhone 5 charges from one Astro charge. Not bad and just what I needed to keep running thru a long day.I recharged the Astro from my computer USB port. It took ~ 6 hours to fully recharge (charging light turned off). It might charge a little faster with a plug-in charger, but you should plan on 6 hours (or overnight) to fully recharge.The instructions are simple and the carrying bag is fine. There are a number of adapters for included charging cord. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 “lightning” connector is not one of them. If the lightning connector was included, it would be a 5 star.

  3. George Arrington
    George Arrington says:

    Good item, but don’t forget… This is a very good product and serves a vital need to those who need to charge their device when away from a plug. The only thing that I initially missed in the directions was that you must press the button next to the USB slots before it will start charging.

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