Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

Bear Paws are like an extension of your own hands. Made from hard, durable plastic, they are perfect for lifting hot food items from the pan to the platter. Securely holds food while carving. Perfect as a meat shredding tool.

Product Features

  • Lift, Carve and Shred meats with ease
  • FDA approved nylon reinforced heat resistant design
  • Stay cool easy grip handles
  • Many uses from the grill to kitchen
  • Approved by “Americas Test Kitchen” and proudly made in the USA

3 thoughts on “Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

  1. T. Eddington

    Pulling pork was never easier I bought these for the sole purpose of pulling smoked pork butts for pulled pork sandwiches. These make the task so much easier than using large forks. I pulled two six-pound pork butts in under five minutes. These things are great!

  2. Craig Castille
    Craig Castille says:

    Pulling pork was never so easy. Being a “former” fork pulling pork puller, I have to say that the Bear Paws is a great gadget to have on hand.The first weekend I had the paws, I was cooking 40 lbs of pork butts.I literally pulled all 4 butts in less than 20 minutes, whereas is with forks each butt might take 15 minutes alone.Great buy!

  3. Leha Carpenter
    Leha Carpenter says:

    Short & Sweet I love the other reviewer’s idea of using these to pull pork, but I bought the bear paws so that I could finally pick up and move large, roasted objects securely, from off of the flames, or just out of the roasting pan–and they do a fantastic job for both. Folks, this is a very simple item that will make a very simple cooking task MUCH friendlier to perform. There’s not a lot to say about a pair of claws you use to pick up hot stuff, except: Where have they been all my life?I can’t understand why the cooking stores have bear paw shaped salad tossers, but not these, which answer a much more immediate and (because of the temperatures involved) important kitchen need than how to move a piece of lettuce or two around in a bowl. Thankfully, we can get them online!

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