2 thoughts on “Lewis N. Clark 20-Pack Laundry Soap Kit, Multi, One Size

  1. Robertson

    Great for traveling- save on hotel laundry These little packets are great when you’re traveling. It’s the right amount for a sink-load of clothes, and because they’re in packets, airport security seems to miss them in my luggage (so they don’t take space in my bulging 1 liter bag of 3 ounce liquids).

  2. Design for Life
    Design for Life says:

    Traveling lighter and lighter The great thing about this travel detergent is that it allows you to pack less clothes for a trip. Also, your luggage gets lighter over time, since each day when you wash your clothes, you discard one packet of detergent. It’s also very cheap at about 50 cent per pack.For a trip, I’d also bring along some nylon rope to hang your clothes. No need to buy those expensive travel clothesline. Buy some plain nylon rope (non-colored) since the coloring from the rope can transfer onto your clothes when wet.Btw, while on vacation, I recently tried to wash my clothes with just regular liquid body soap. Surprisingly it works pretty well. I might skip taking along the detergent packs next time and just use regular soap. This will save even more weight.

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