Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Detection Sensor Light 16 LED Wall Illuminate Garden Yard Lamp

Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Detection Sensor Light 16 LED Wall Illuminate Garden Yard Lamp

It can illuminate your home, yard, driveway, patio and anywhere in which getting solar energy. The motion-sensing light is triggered.
when someone or something enters its 1-2 meters range within a 120 degree sensing angle.
A potential intruder could be scared away by the sudden burst of light, or if you simply need a lit pathway after parking your car, this can function that way too.


– Waterproof, heatproof and durabler

– Sensitive Motion Sensor

– Auto delay and restore in dark

– Energy-saving, environmentally friendly

– No strobe and no radiation

– Constant solar energy


– Solar panel: 0.55W, 17% efficiency

– Li-ion battery: 3.7V 800mAh

– Switch inside for saving power during shipment

– LED: 16pcs, SMD3528

– Lumens: 100lm

– LED span life: 50,000 hours

– Solar charging time: 8 hours

– Lighting mode: Dark/DIM/bright; DIM: weak lighting for saving power; Bright: motion activate for lighting

– Auto identify day or night

– Protect function: Over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit

– Li-ion battery span life: 500 circles

– Solar panel span life: more than 5 years


– Solar Charge can charge quicker under strong sunlight.

– It may cannot charge or charge slowly under weak sunlight

Packing include:

– 1 x Solar Wall Lamp w/ motion sensor

– 2 x Expansion pillar-hinge

– 2 x Screw

– 1 x Pin

– 1x color box

Product Features

  • It is easy to install and easy to maintain. Plus, it is packed with 16pcs LED lights that produce high brightness light.
  • 0.55 Watt solar panel, 17% efficiency, collect solar radiation from the sun and actively convert that energy to electricity.
  • It infrared sensors detect subtle temperature changes caused by movement of people within the selected area of protection.
  • The instant motion is detected, the lights turn on automatically. When the motion stops, the light stay on for approx 30 seconds

2 thoughts on “Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Detection Sensor Light 16 LED Wall Illuminate Garden Yard Lamp

  1. BobK

    Not too shabby This light was easy to install and it works pretty well. I note that the motion detector works more like 20 feet away than 30 feet. Also, if you have a number of guests come by or you’re in and out during the night, the unit gets pretty dim in the wee hours of the morning, just before the sun comes up. Also, it needs to be installed where it can get direct sunlight during the day to work well. Mounting this on the north side of a building might leave something to be desired… But it does work pretty well for illuminating a front or die doorway, providing more than enough light to select a key and work a lock or to find something you dropped. So all in all it does what it claims to do and installing it is simple and straight forward.

  2. JOHN

    one handy light I found putting several of them in a given area produces a useable amount of light in my driveway when they are dim, and when motion trips them to full bright the amount of light was more than I expected. Besides more functional than lights mounted at ground or deck level the overhead glow gives a nice effect, The effect they give as you walk to the front door, with one tripping on after the other as you walk, is pretty impressive. Mounting them for me was easy but only because by dumb luck the bracket as is could slip under some molding and still be in bright sun. You may want to eye up a couple units before expecting several of them to mount in your locations of choice, I had to give up on one spot that seemed sunny till I noticed the roof cast a small shadow in late afternoon that hit that ideal light location. If they hold up and work well over time it deserves a 5 star rating. Out of the box with one day charging they did last from dusk to dawn. Time will tell how long that lasts, in the winter our nights get pretty long. For now I don’t bother putting my porch lights on. And so far nothing driving or walking in the street has tripped them on, even when a stray headlight hits them. The motion detection range is pretty good, on full bright they could stay on longer, its only about 30 sec or so, But that is OK if you have several in place.UPDATE – this is for the first couple of these I ordered… my second batch was in the same box but not as impressive… you can look at it and see its close but not the same light… and its way dimmer on low light, looked dumb next to the brighter ones. … about the same on high light after motion detect.

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