3 thoughts on “Design Go Luggage Quiet Zone, Grey, One Size

  1. Krys

    Life saving I bought these on a cruise for 40 dollars because I was desperate to drown out my mothers snoring and get some sleep. I still think they were worth the money even though I paid a ridiculous price. They blocked tge noise of my moms snoring but I could still hear my alarm go off in the morning. When you wear them you can hear your own breathing, which I found to be soothing. Still wear them to bed on occasion, and they have held up great. Also worked to block out a bad roommate. Great product.

  2. Tahoe Granny "mtnevada"
    Tahoe Granny "mtnevada" says:

    Sleep Saver! I also bought these on a cruise, but don’t remember what I paid for them, but certainly not $40! Nonetheless, as other reviewers have said, I got them to salvage a desperate situation: a snoring roommate with whom I would be “stuck” for 8 days. They worked like a charm, are very comfortable and now just stay in my luggage until the next trip. I’m getting an extra pair to keep in reserve. The little zippered case is also very handy. Don’t hesitate – they are tops!

  3. Bonita Hosking
    Bonita Hosking says:

    WONDERFUL.TERRIFIC EAR PLUGS NO MORE SNORING NOISES Great product, you can actually get some sleep wearing these and blocking out someone’s snoring. This is my second pair and Love Them.

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