Maxell LR6 AA Cell 48 Pack Box Battery (723443)

Maxell LR6 AA Cell 48 Pack Box Battery (723443)

Manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, Maxell’s alkaline batteries provide unrivaled value. You can depend on these batteries to power your emergency flashlight, your children’s toys, or even your smoke alarm. Maxell batteries provide long-lasting, reliable power.

Product Features

  • 48 AA alkaline batteries
  • Ready-to-go power source
  • Delivers long-lasting and reliable power
  • Compatible with a variety of products including flashlights, toys, remote controls, and smoke alarms
  • alkaline
  • brand
  • value

2 thoughts on “Maxell LR6 AA Cell 48 Pack Box Battery (723443)

  1. E. Frederick "cheesehead transplant"
    E. Frederick "cheesehead transplant" says:

    a cost effective alternative to waiting in line at Walmart for batteries These Maxell batteries are alkaline and are of a name brand quality. If you refer to Consumer Reports you will see that with a few exceptions, there is little variation in the life of alkaline batteries of equal sizes between brands. I would recommend these batteries to anyone who does not frequent a Sams Club or Costco: their store brands are a slightly better value.

  2. Cheesmo "ASC"
    Cheesmo "ASC" says:

    Excellent Batteries Long lasting and very affordable. Won’t ever buy batteries in the store again. Bulk package is the only way. We use this for all of our kids toys as well as everything else and they last long! I also highly recommed them for photo use..I use them in my 580 EXII and my battery packs.

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