3 thoughts on “Thinnest Wallet – Traveler Best Company Spinnaker Cloth Men’s Back Saver

  1. M. Manning

    Thin but noisy and cheap feeling. Made in China Pro:2 currency compartments, both large enough for Pound, Euro notes.Thin, light, and dries quicklyNo metal to set off airport metal detectorsCon:Package states “Made in USA” but wallet label reads “Made in China”.Looks cheapNoisy- makes rustling noise like a potato chip bag. This improves with wear.I like the design, so may spring for the leather version.

  2. Jonathan M Zaid
    Jonathan M Zaid says:

    Easily risk losing things from wallet I wasn’t bothered with the flimsiness nor the “rustling” noise that the wallet may make (it’s not really a big deal). Made of spinnaker cloth it probably is also pretty strong and will most likely last. But this doesn’t perform one of the wallet’s most important functions; to securely hold items in your pocket. I definitely do not feel sure that every time I pull out the wallet something will fall out. In order to take out a credit card, you probably should lay the wallet on a flat surface, since if there are a lot of cards, it will be hard to get them out and risk pulling them all out on the floor. The “passport” compartment is such that if you put a passport and perhaps a few pieces of paper or cards in, you will most likely lose the other items when you open up the wallet, There are two compartments for bills; one is so short I’m not sure what kind of bills you are going to put in it without losing them and it also makes the wallet harder to fold. The deeper bill compartment is so deep that probably when you go searching for your money you’ll drop one of your credit cards and not notice it.Would definitely not recommend if you are not a very, very cautious person.I’ll be looking for a different wallet.

  3. Lars R. Anderson "golf nut"
    Lars R. Anderson "golf nut" says:

    Best wallet I ever owned It is the thinnest, it is durable, i have the passport version as well. and have given 5 out for gifts all received with rave reviews. If you are thinking about buying it do yourself and you butt a favor and get one.

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