POV Case 3.0 Large GoPro-Edition Black

POV Case 3.0 Large GoPro-Edition Black

First off, lets just put it this way: It’s a big one!!! Whilst exhibiting the same protection and features of his smaller brother, the new and enlarged POV Case, of the ‘Go Pro Edition’ series additionally provides space for a 2nd camera as well as a suction cup mount, small tripods or telescope bars. Truly, the best and top notch accommodation for your entire action cam equipment!! [ 30 x 22 cm ]
Camera & accessories not included.

Product Features

  • Perfectly shaped compartments for 2 GoPro HD HERO 960, GoPro HD HERO1, GoPro HD HERO2 or GoPro HD HERO3 cameras, battery, 2 BacPacs, SD memory card, housing doors, small tripod or telescopic rod, suction cup and all your leads
  • Keeps your cameras safe and sound from any potential outside dangers
  • Dimensions: 30cm (Length) x 7cm (Height) x 22cm (Depth)
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: Large

3 thoughts on “POV Case 3.0 Large GoPro-Edition Black

  1. Heather

    Great item I got this case so i can carry all of my electronics in my backpack as a carry on. I don’t like my equipment knocking around in any old bag. I was able to fit all of my camera equipment in this. I own a go pro and two waterproof point and shoot cameras.I was able to fit in the case:all 3 camerasall spare batteries (3 waterproof cam, 3 gopro)GOpro remoteboth camera wall chargersgrenade gripXshot monopodGopro grab bag equipmenthead strapNothing floats around and everything fits nicely. But don’t expect to put much at all in the mesh carrier at the top of the case. Most things you put in there will bump with stuff in the bottom which will make it hard to close. Also, you can only mount the gopro face up, so if anything is pushed against the front on/off button you will accidentally turn the camera on and off.

  2. M. Willner

    A nice case but no handle I like the case. My two GoPro cameras fit nicely as well as bunch of accessories. The only thing missing is a handle.

  3. Patrick Atwood "Patwood"
    Patrick Atwood "Patwood" says:

    Good product, but pricy IMO I had seen this product online, but only purchased after seeing in person and bought there on the spot.In the end, I DID feel it was worth the money, however it is overpriced. As conflicting as that is, theres just nothing that I have found out there designed especially for the GoPro that has custom cutouts allready done.I am able to fit into mine,*GoPro Silver with case and mount*GoPro Black with case and mount*TWO Suction mounts (one with ext arm, one without)*TWO Battery Backpacks*Back Doors for Battery BackPacks*Wifi Remote*Spare MicroSD cards (stored inside of Full size SD adapters)*USB Micro SD card reader*Apple iPad camera adapter kit (for uploading direct to iPad)*Charger Cables for Cameras, and WiFi remoteEverything else goes into a small tackle/parts box such as Extension arms, knobs, screws, 3m mounts etc.All in all this is a slick case that stores all the bulky substantial items of my kit safely and securely. I could def fit some more small pieces in there but I prefer just to carry what is used the most.

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