Little Labs Weather Science

Little Labs Weather Science

Investigate weather with experiments on wind, rain, storms, clouds, rainbows, temperature, evaporation, pressure and more.

Product Features

  • Investigate weather
  • Experiment on wind, rain, storms, clouds, and more
  • Little Labs
  • Original best selling series
  • Weather Science

2 thoughts on “Little Labs Weather Science

  1. momofsciencekid
    momofsciencekid says:

    Good weather discovery My eight year old loves this toy. You can put it outside to measure rainfall, temperature, and to see how fast the wind is blowing. It comes with suction cups to attach outside. Only problem I found was that if it was too windy, the suction cups don’t necessarily hold it down and it blows over. That problem is disappointing. Good for science experiments as long as it does not blow over.

  2. Anonymous

    Good toy but not great bcoz it had too simplistic expts for my child. Also the red plastic windpanes broke too soon in our backyard deck. So better to spend more and get a better kit.

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