YuGiOh Machine Re-Volt 1st Edition Structure Deck – English [Toy]

YuGiOh Machine Re-Volt 1st Edition Structure Deck – English [Toy]

Rebellion of the Machines (SD10) is the 10th structure deck of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It’s to be released in Janurary of 2007. It is based on Machine type monsters with some spell and trap cards for support. This deck contains 39 commons, including seven new cards, and one new ultra rare card (Ancient Gear Gadgeldragon). This deck includes many Ancient Gear monsters and also includes the Gadgets from the exclusive Japanese packs. This deck relies on continually adding Machine monsters to your hand while recycling your used-up cards.

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  • YuGiOh Machine Re-Volt Structure Deck English

3 thoughts on “YuGiOh Machine Re-Volt 1st Edition Structure Deck – English [Toy]

  1. Patricia De Jesus "yugioh player"
    Patricia De Jesus "yugioh player" says:

    pretty good cards in a single deck I got to admit that this deck brings a lot of good cards in it and just the idea of getting ancient gear golem and the three gadgets got me more excited than anything and is a really good idea to form a powerful deck with it and that is exactly what I did but it really doesnt work by itself the strategy is really bad, I mean the trick of special summoning monsters is really good and the deck is good at protecting your monsters but you almost use your whole hand to just get a single powerful monster that can be easily destroyed by a magic card.But it does brings really powerful mosnters to form OTHER decks.

  2. Matt Zak

    It might be Crowler’s Deck but dont let that make you run in the other direction If you watch the tv show you’ll notice that many of the cards in this deck belong to that wierd-looking Dr. Crowler and just the thought of that kind of creeps me out to tell you the truth. As I was going through the deck I was disgusted to know it had a bunch of Crowler cards but you know they’re actually pretty good. Not only does this deck have good cards but incredible combos already packed in it. What I like even more is that it barely has any repeats. It could easily stand up against any of the other decks and win! Just get it and see for yourself.CARD LISTMonster Cards:Ancient Gear Gadjiltron DragonAncient Gear Gadjiltron ChimeraAncient Gear EngineerBoot-Up Soldier – Dead DynamoMechanicalchaserGreen GadgetRed GadgetYellow GadgetCannon SoldierGear Golem the Moving FortressHeavy Mech Support Platform (x2)Ancient Gear GolemAncient Gear BeastAncient Gear SoldierAncient Gear (x2)Ancient Gear Cannon—————————————–Spell Cards:Ancient Gear WorkshopAncient Gear TankAncient Gear ExplosiveAncient Gear FistAncient Gear FactoryAncient Gear DrillAncient Gear CastleMystical Space TyphoonLimiter RemovalHeavy StormEnemy ControllerWeapon ChangeMachine DuplicationPot of Avarice—————————————–Trap Cards:Stronghold the Moving FortressUltimate OfferingSakuretsu Armor (x2)Micro RayRare MetalmorphCovering FireRoll Out!

  3. S. Veira "GAMER"
    S. Veira "GAMER" says:

    Tough to beat this deck if you buy 3 This deck was my first Yu-Gi-Oh deck. The deck on its own is good. If you buy 3 of these decks, remove some of the cards you have to sacrifice to get out and add some more decent machine cards your deck will be unstoppable. I’ve played against people with far more experience and much more expensive decks only to see them lose to my machine deck time and time again. For every 10 matches I won I would lose maybe 1 or 2.. maybe. Don’t hesitate buy 3 of these you wont regret it.

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