10M 30ft Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Pipe Camera

10M 30ft Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Pipe Camera

Camera: 1/6″ VGA COMS
Pixels: 300K
Resolution: 640×480,352X288,320X240,176X144,160X120
Capture Resolution: Up to 640X480
LED: 4 White LED bright light
Waterproof: IP67
Brightness: Auto
Exposed control: Auto
F/NO: 2.8
Camera housing diameter: 14.5 mm
Wide visual view angle: 62 degree
LED switch: Adjustable lightness switch
Focal Distance: 6CM-infinate
I/O Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
Color: 24 bits color
USB Cable Length: 10M

Package Include:
1 x USB Endoscope
1 x User Manual
1 x CD Drives

Note: Each time you use waterproof inspection Camera there is water It could not stay in the water too long

Product Features

  • A new electronic health and industrial pipeline inspection product, you can use it to examination, ear detection. search and rescue, pipeline inspection, engine inspection, video monitor, sewer inspection; cast mould in wall inspection.
  • This portable Digital Microscope must be connected to the computer when using. User interface is very friendly. You can do the micro-measure work with easy,
  • Waterproof wire endoscope, 4 LED low lux luminance lights can work better when the light very dark.
  • XP system can watch video directly without install software, Vista or Win 7 needs install software which in the CD.
  • Can take photo (XP system can use itself photo function to take photo or use our software, other system need use our software to take photo), Can record video, and save the video in the PC.

3 thoughts on “10M 30ft Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Pipe Camera

  1. JP

    WORKED GREAT ON POOL PIPE LEAK Had a pool line leaking, snaked camera into pipe with the pump running and around 12′ in I found a hole in the pipe. Sure worth its weight in gold. Did add silicone around the cap and the tail after reading some of the other reviews about issues with leaking.Video is rather clear.

  2. S. Eckert

    cheap but worth the money! (needs external light source) Others say it won’t work with Vista… but my Media Center PC running Windoze Vista recognized it immediately. Didn’t have to install any drivers or any software. Roxio recognized the camera and would record from it. Windoze seems not to know it’s there… so I just copied the executable AMCAP.EXE from the mini-CD and ran it. Done (no need to install, it just runs). Can see real-time preview in a stretchable window, can record to AVI disk file, simple and no hassle. Haven’t found a way to store snapshots yet, but I have a movie player that can do that so I just record and capture stills later.Video quality is just fine for a $34 item…. if there is plenty of light. The shutter speed is slow so the image blurs if there is movement. It’s not a multi-megapixel point-and-shoot, and the image can be a bit hazy due to the plastic protective cover, but there’s a menu in the viewer to adjust brightness/contrast/white balance, etc. It probably won’t last very long and the plastic cover will probably scratch, but if I use it 2 or 3 times I figure I’ve gotten my money’s worth.The same product seems to come with many different length cables. Cables longer than this one apparently have a repeater box which means they won’t thread through small pipes and that box isn’t waterproof. This one has a brightness wheel on the USB connector and nothing but cable to the camera.UPDATE 1: Just had exactly the same experince on a Windoze 7 laptop. Plug it in, let Windoze install drivers, copy software from the mini-CD, run the software without installing. The mini-CD software can also access the laptop’s built-in webcam.UPDATE 2: It survived being pushed down a driveway drain pipe with standing water, taped to a tape-style snake, but to my dismay I discovered that cranking up the LEDs causes reflection inside the plastic cover. Bad reflections! If there’s really no light at all where you’re using it, your range of site is extremely limited because the internal reflections wash out the image unless you turn the brightness down on the LEDs. This took it from 5 stars (cheap but you get what you pay for) to 4 stars (cheap and you need external lighting).

  3. John Grooms

    Did exaclty what I needed it to do !!! I bought this to use it to ‘see’ behind walls and ceilings, and it worked perfectly for that. Having an adjustable LED brightness was a bonus – although I typically used it at highest brightness to see as ‘far’ as possible ahead. There was insulation in all spaces I used it for, and that wreaks havoc with the camera due to reflections from the LED’s, but I was able to work around this. With help from the camera, taped to end of fish tape, and nylon rods at other times, and 10-gauge copper wire for shorter distances, I was able to see and (1) fish wire and fish tape through holes, (2) see fish tape and grab it from ‘the other end’ (meeting in the middle), (3) check for previous wire or plumbing that I DIDN’T want to drill through (saw both, and was able to avoid drilling through), and (4) identify obstructions in blind spaces like wooden fire breaks and floor joist stiffening blocks between the joists. The display on my laptop was very good (close focal range on camera), and the software supplied ran fine, and included several image enhancement options (brightness, contrast, etc.) I solved the ‘issue’ some people complain about with these, of not being able to tell which way is up or down, by taping the camera to the fish tape or rod, with enough of the guide leader sticking out in front of the camera, so that it could always be seen by the camera. Then, I taped the camera to the leader while watching the display, orienting the camera so that ‘down’ was always towards the leader. Then, where I could keep the leader oriented from the ‘push end’ (easier with flat fish tape), it was easy and intuitive to tell up/down direction. In retrospect, I didn’t need anywhere near all 10m of USB cable, but it doesn’t hurt having it! I’ll be using this ‘tool’ a lot, and only wish I’d had it long ago, when I did a lot more of this kind of blind work.

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