Hooked Key Ring Chain and Coin Holder – Assorted Colors

Hooked Key Ring Chain and Coin Holder – Assorted Colors

Need to pay a toll or feed that hungry parking meter? You’ll never have to go fishing for change again, just stash a few coins in this squishy little fishy. He’ll keep your keys neatly in line too. This handy little keychain and coin holder is truly the catch of the day!

Product Features

  • Key Coins Holder

2 thoughts on “Hooked Key Ring Chain and Coin Holder – Assorted Colors

  1. A. Matson

    Cute and Quirky I love my keyring. It’s a bit bigger than it looks from the picture, and it’s disappointing you cannot pick the colour you want, but it’s still very cute (mine is green) and gets the job done.What I love most about this keyring is that it’s easy to find and see from far away, it gets noticed by many people, it can hold a dollar in quarters, and it’s versatile in how you place your keys–you can unscrew the ball at the top, or you can put your keys on an actual ring through a hole in the ball on the top (which you cannot see from the picture).

  2. D. French "Lulu"
    D. French "Lulu" says:

    Great for a laugh This keychain is a great icebreaker as well as amazing for a random giggle every time I “FISH” my keys out of my purse. Horrible pun, I know. Had to be done.This is a great keychain for anyone who likes silly stuff or loves to fish! I really enjoy mine.

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