Taylor Digital Fork Thermometer

Taylor Digital Fork Thermometer

The digital fork thermometer can be used indoors or outdoors. The classic goods looks of stainless and black make this not only a practical tool for your kitchen but an outstanding looking one as well. The biggest use for this thermometer is still backyard grilling but can be used indoors as well for stove top cooking as well as testing temperatures in your oven. The 16-inch length keeps your hands well away from the heat source. The lighted lcd readout makes this thermometer easy to read in any light source.This barbecue fork takes all the guesswork out of grilling meats. With its built-in digital thermometer, the fork supplies accurate temperature readings in either Fahrenheit or Celsius when its tines are inserted into a cut of meat. A chart on the back of the handle provides a quick reference to the minimum temperature requirements recommended by the USDA for food safety. Because the thermometer reads all temperatures between 0 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to 104 degrees Celsius), it can also be used to determine how thawed or cool meats removed from the freezer or refrigerator are at the start of cooking.

This digital fork has a handy hold button that locks in the current temperature reading on the large, 0.5-inch display panel. An on/off button and automatic shutoff extend the fork’s battery life. Other non-battery-powered features include a comfortable, nonslip rubberized handle, sturdy stainless-steel handles that easily lift large cuts of meat, and tapered tines that, when withdrawn from the meat, let the meat juices drain back in. This digital fork thermometer runs on one AAA battery (included), and is covered by a lifetime warranty. –Cristina Vaamonde

Product Features

  • Backlight lets you read LCD in dim light
  • Durable stainless steel tines
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Auto off feature
  • Measures in F or C degrees

2 thoughts on “Taylor Digital Fork Thermometer

  1. Amazon Shopper "Irv"
    Amazon Shopper "Irv" says:

    Taylor Digital Fork Thermometer is accurate! The Taylor Professional Digital Fork Thermometer is an accurate and handy device for measuring the temperature of meats, liquids and anything that will not damage the fork!I checked the calibration by inserting it in a pan of boiling water and it measured 213 degrees. Solid ice will take it below freezing.The hold button is very handy as the temperature will start to change rapidly as you remove the fork from the medium being measured.The ability to measure in either the Celsius (centigrade) or Farenheit scale will be nice for some people although I prefer Farenheit for cooking.

  2. J. Seidman "Jim"
    J. Seidman "Jim" says:

    Too big and slow to be useful I used this for years, and thought it was pretty good. Then I got a , and realized how wrong I had been.Never having had an instant-read thermometer before, I thought it was normal to sit there for almost a minute waiting for the temperature to stabilize. Of course, that minute is a big deal if you’ve taken your steak off the heat and then have to put it back on.Also, the tines are big, and you have to get a fair amount of them embedded into the meat to get an accurate temperature. You wind up putting big holes in the meat, which then leak a ton of juices. And for thinner steaks, it’s hard to navigate in at an angle that lets you get enough of the tines in the middle.For those reviewers who suggest it’s great to have only one utensil: you really don’t want to flip steak with a fork anyway. Every time you puncture the steak, you’re losing juices. You’re much better off with a grill spatula, and a fast thermometer with a small probe.

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