Minute Math Electronic Flash Card

Minute Math Electronic Flash Card

Minute Math Electronic Flash Card™
Build number fact fluency in just a minute! Familiar fact family triangle is now electronic. Practice operations (add/subtract or multiply/divide) and early algebraic skills (equations and commutative property). Offers 60-second timed mode; un-timed mode (low-pressure); and 3 levels of difficulty. Color-coded screen frames reinforce parts of the equation. Gives positive, corrective feedback (visual and auditory). Durable unit with volume control measures 5 1/2″H. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. For individual practice or two students taking turns. Grades 1—3

How to Play:
– Choose an operation and level of difficulty
– Watch the screens, then fill in the equation’s missing number
– Act fast! Tally as many correct answers as you can in 60 seconds

Product Features

  • Number fact fluency
  • Volume control
  • Practice operations
  • Freshen up on early algebraic skills
  • 3 levels of difficulty

2 thoughts on “Minute Math Electronic Flash Card

  1. Mom-2-Five

    Teaching Fact Families Rather than learning math facts through drill and practice flashcards, this is a different method for teaching the fact ‘families’. Each child learns differently. This concept of teaching kids to look at the entire fact, rather than just the sum is better for some kids. This it not a ‘toy’, but kids do have fun with it. My daughter has toted it around back and forth in her backpack. It is durable. The sound can be on or off. (I like that feature.) I also love the different levels it provides. It has provided my daughter with a mental math warm up before she takes her timed math tests in school. I need to stress that this is for school-age children. This is similar to a child learning flashcards. It isn’t a ‘fun’, interactive, points, next level game/toy.Ideas for this item’s use: -have a child use this when you can not practice math flash cards with them; -have teachers use it as a learning station during school; -use with older individuals with stroke/dementia; -great mind exercise.***UPDATE***: I keep seeing this minute math device get poor reviews. I use these so much with kids in school that I thought I could help clarify some things. (1) This is not a toy. It is a way for kids to practice their facts in a different way other than flashcards. In fact, think of these like flash cards. You wouldn’t expect kids to be motivated to use them or even think they are fun. This is just a different means of practice. (2) The noise does go off. Hold the ON button down 1/2 way. It will blink quickly indicating the sound is off. It truly is in the instructions. (3) Fact Families or Triangle Math is just another way for kids to learn routine math skills. Some kids learn in a rote manner, where they learn all their multiplication facts and then their division facts. Most the time these kids can carry that over to other areas of math. Some kids need a more global approach. Teaching kids fact families sometimes helps kids see a bigger picture of how all the facts are connected. (4) This is called MINUTE math. It is designed to go quickly just like the timed tests the kids have to take in school. Many classrooms still do the quick 1-2 minute math drill test at the beginning of the day. This is just a way for some kids to warm-up or get used to that way of doing math. (5) Your child may be gifted or advanced. However, please don’t complain if your child is younger than the recommended age for this device. Would you also complain about flash cards being to boring?SUMMARY: This is simply another means for a child to learn. I use these as a station all the time because a child can do it independently. I hope this helps answer some of the questions/concerns about the device. I also hope this helps you make an informed decision if this is exactly what you are wanting to purchase for your child.

  2. I am "Scrapping Momma"
    I am "Scrapping Momma" says:

    This one would be good for a six yr old… The concept of this toy is great. Basically just electronic version of a flash card. I got this for my 4-1/2 yr old as she love doing add/sub math right now, and this looks like fun to give her for car rides. Unfortunately, the little machine expects very fast response and my little girl’s brain and fingers coordination is just no match for this gadget right now. It would be a nice improvement for this gadget to have a time setting. This way, parent can really adjust the speed and the level of difficulty for their child.

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