Alex Rider: The Gadgets

Alex Rider: The Gadgets

As fans of teen spy Alex Rider know, nothing is more fun or mind-boggling than the gadgets that time and again help free him from tight spots, such as the Game Boy that doubled as a Geiger counter in Skeleton Key. Or the CD player with the fast-spinning saw blade in Point Blank that helped free Alex from a steel-barred window. Now, for the first time, readers everywhere can glimpse the secret files and blueprints that detail each gadget. It’s almost as much fun as actually owning these techno-toys. . . .

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  • Anthony Horowitz
  • Juvenile Audience
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3 thoughts on “Alex Rider: The Gadgets

  1. reader mom "Becky"
    reader mom "Becky" says:

    Alex Rider : The Gadgets At first I didn’t think I would like this book. I got it as a present. but it was neat to see the different gadgets Alex gets to use in each story. It made me want to read the next book (point blank) right away! I really love this series. (as told by my 8 year old son)

  2. Diana Carroll

    fun for Alex Rider fan My son is a huge Alex Rider fan. Has read each book several times, and watched the movie as well. So this book was a must — he now thinks he’s got the inside scoop on AR. If you aren’t a fan of the series, I imagine this book would be pretty lame.

  3. J. Zysk "Father of the bookworm"
    J. Zysk "Father of the bookworm" says:

    Alex Rider: The Gadgets (Alex Rider Adventure) It’s great book, I’ got it for my son he read it in one day. The service was great, we’ ve got the books in no time.

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