Anker® Astro 3E 10000mAh Dual USB Backup External Battery Pack Portable Power Pack Charger for most Smartphones, Tablets and other USB-charged devices (Apple Adapters- 30 pin and Lightning, NOT Included)

Anker® Astro 3E 10000mAh Dual USB Backup External Battery Pack Portable Power Pack Charger for most Smartphones, Tablets and other USB-charged devices (Apple Adapters- 30 pin and Lightning, NOT Included)

Capacity, charge speed, or portability? With the Anker® Astro 3E, you get all three. Who would’ve thought that 10000mAh could be so compatible, light, and sleek?

Four times the juice.
With 10000mAh of capacity, charge your iPhone 5 / 4 / 3GS / 3 four to five times (40 hours of talk time), your Galaxy S3 three times, or your iPad / iPad 2 once. That’s more than 400% the capacity of most smart phones.

Get powered up…fast.
Plug in one device for 3A of output or two for 3A total. Special circuits built for Apple and Android let you charge your phones simultaneously at full speed.What’s more, we included a handy travel pouch to store your cables and Astro all-in-one.

Simple, reliable power.
Designed to be functional and efficient – nothing else. At 0.59in thin, the 3E comes ready to serve as an unobtrusive, lightweight solution to your daily power needs. Four small LEDs alert you as to how much capacity you’ve got left.

For optimal use.
• For simultaneous, max-speed charging of your Astro and other devices, check out Anker’s new 25W 5-port wall charger or dual-port 24W car charger.
• Compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB charged devices with a 5V charge input. The iPod nano, Samsung and Asus tablets and some GPS and Bluetooth devices are not supported.

Get to know us.
The Anker Astro external battery has been voted #1 in class by thousands of online reviewers, while our renowned customer service has made us a fan-favorite across the web. Every sale includes an 18-month, worry-free guarantee to prove the importance we set on quality. After all, we’re customers too.

Product Features

  • 10000mAh of capacity. Charges all iPhone four to five times, a Galaxy S3 thrice, or an iPad / iPad 2 once.
  • Charges one device at maximum speed or two at 3A total. Android 5V / 3A (max) port charges Android devices and iPhone with iOS 5 or higher at full speed or iPad at 1.5A; Apple 5V / 3A (max) port charges iPhone at full speed or iPad at 1A (Android devices at 0.5A). Note: this product CANNOT charge Samsung or Asus tablets.
  • A lightweight, unassuming solution to life’s daily power needs (0.59in thick). LEDs display just how much juice you’ve got left. Reliable lithium polymer core ensures quality, supplying you with more than 500 charge cycles during the course of its life.
  • Input: 5V / 1.5A; Use a 1.5A adapter (not included) for fastest charge times (8 hours).
  • Package contents: Anker® Astro 3E External Battery, Micro USB wire, user manual, and travel pouch.

2 thoughts on “Anker® Astro 3E 10000mAh Dual USB Backup External Battery Pack Portable Power Pack Charger for most Smartphones, Tablets and other USB-charged devices (Apple Adapters- 30 pin and Lightning, NOT Included)

  1. David Parenteau "Geek"
    David Parenteau "Geek" says:

    A compact battery for the extra power you need Pull out your big-pockets and don’t expect something light, but plenty of power is in this package.«««««««««««»»»»»»»»»»»The Praise (Good Things)«««««««««««»»»»»»»»»»» * Small form factor for the amount of battery content * Charge status and level indicator LEDs * Automatic power off * Custom circuitry for Android and iOS devices * A selection of connectors for various devices * Excellent value for cost««««««««««»»»»»»»»»»The Raze (Bad Things)««««««««««»»»»»»»»»» * Included spring-coil cable and construction is not too good * Possible evidence of no full-discharge protection * The “convenient travel pouch” is too small and not convenient«««««««««««««»»»»»»»»»»»»»The Haze (Things to Consider)«««««««««««««»»»»»»»»»»»»» * Slightly larger than a large Smart Phone * Substantially heavier than a large Smart Phone * Charges more slowly than the power it supplies * Will not charge low-power-draw devices due to Auto-Off function * Charging this device draws more power than some chargers can provide * Does not come with an AC power adapter to charge itself»»»»»»»»»»»»»»The Details…This battery comes in a comfortable packaging with good instructions and a few extras (They gave me a bookmark… A bookmark? Really?). A zip bag contains the various adapter attachments: Apple 30-Pin, USB Mini, USB Micro, and a standard 5V Barrel connector. The other end of all of these adapter attachments is a smaller-than-normal barrel connector that plugs into the female barrel connector at the end of the spring cable. The other end of the spring cable is a standard USB A male connector, same as you would plug into a computer. There is also a mesh-bag carrying case.Sadly, I have to touch on two raze items right here:The construction of the USB spring cable and the adapters is nothing less than shoddy. I had to quickly convert to using a normal cable that came with the phone and tablet over the included spring cable. The USB A side of the power cord has trouble maintaining connection with the battery and the adapters have trouble maintaining connection with the device. While this nice compact cable would be a great boon to many, the poor quality makes it next to useless, with constant wiggling of the connections often needed for it to continue to operate.There is also a mesh, draw-string carry pouch. This carry pouch is just barely too small for the battery pack to fit in and allow it to close and there is no way to easily store the connectors and previously-mentioned faulty spring-charging cable. Then I thought, “Maybe it’s just meant to hold the adapters and cable!”… But then it’s hugely overkill and the battery pack itself is not included in the carrying. The carry pouch really ends up being more of a hindrance than a convenience.While both of these items are really secondary and overall not worth a star off. Anker may want to consider a better design and quality for the adapters and the bag, for example a carry bag that can securely hold the battery itself with a Velcro flap instead of a drawstring and a secondary pouch for the connectors. As for the connector cable, besides substantially-better construction needed, they might have better luck with adapters that go from Micro-USB to the other formats. That would allow the use of Micro-USB with no special adaptation and fewer adapters needed for the other forms.What I would honestly love to see is some way to have things plugged into this without the cable sticking out so far. Phone and Battery, back to back with a low-profile connection to each would be truly-portable charging.»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»Battery for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late night snack…Nobody can deny that the digital world of today is a power-hungry place. Charging stations have cropped up all over and it’s not uncommon to see folks’ phones plugged into the local wall sockets at coffee shops or bars or hotels. Phones and tablets are faster, brighter, and more powerful, but they eat batteries like mad. Even with an extended life battery clipped to the back or stuck inside, most people will find themselves running low at some point. That’s where an external charger battery comes into play.Let’s start with some numbers and quick facts:USB specification carries 5V (five volts). Officially, it carries 500mA (milliamps), or 0.5A. Running something at 500mA for one hour will consume 500mAh (milliamp-hours) of energy. Amps are a unit of DRAW – or “pull” – not “push”. If a battery has 1,000 mAh of capacity, it can have a 500mA draw for two hours. With 10,000mAh of capacity, it can support the same draw for 20 hours. The mA or Amp rating of a power supply (3A in the case of this external…

  2. Paul Renwick

    Awesome portable power supply. For those readers that are reading this review on the Item page, this review is for the Astro3E 10000mAh charger. Since Amazon mixes reviews with all different “variants” of a product, and this comes in multiple capacities, this makes it hard to separate reviews.This product does what it advertises, and does it VERY well. It comes with a nice mesh case which I carry it in constantly, and a nice little coiled USB cord with a few tips. While these aren’t compatible with every device I own, I use it mainly to charge my phone, which is MicroUSB and included.Some devices I have tried charging: – I own a Motorola Droid 4, and I have charged the phone from dead to full over 4 times on a single charge. Android and Apple ports work, but on the Android port, the Droid 4 actually charges FASTER than the stock plug-in charger. My phone does not seem to mind. – An LG Ally charges on either port, but faster on the Android port. – A Nintendo DS Lite (with a compatible USB cord) charges on either port. – An iPod Nano 6th Generation charges on the Apple port. It does not respond on the Android port. I have charged this device from dead to full, and did lose enough capacity on the battery for it to register.I will update this review with more results as I charge more devices. I’m going on a few flights in the next couple of months, so this charger will gets LOTS of use.

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