MORE Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 40 NEW Build-it-Yourself Projects

MORE Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 40 NEW Build-it-Yourself Projects

This much anticipated follow-up to the wildly popular cultclassic Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius gives basement experimenters 40 all-new projects to tinker with. Following the tried-and-true Evil Genius Series format, each project includes a detailed list of materials, sources for parts, schematics, documentation, and lots of clear, well-illustrated instructions for easy assembly. The convenient two-column format makes following step-by-step instructions a breeze. Readers will also get a quick briefing on mathematical theory and a simple explanation of operation along with enjoyable descriptions of key electronics topics such as various methods of acceleration, power conditioning, energy storage, magnetism, and kinetics.

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  1. calvinnme

    Interesting projects – but not for the unsupervised teen Mr. Iannini continues the tradition he began in his first “Electronic Gadgets” book by offering up more than a fair share of laser devices. For this reason alone I don’t think it is a good idea for your high schooler to play around with building the devices in this book unsupervised. Then there are the devices such as the “Marx Generator”, which is a clever way of charging a number of capacitors in parallel, then discharging them in series. Originally described by E. Marx in 1924, Marx generators are probably the most common way of generating high voltage impulses for testing when the voltage level required is higher than available charging supply voltages. Again, this is another high voltage device which along with the Tesla coil and 400K volt DC generator can be potentially dangerous. The third category of projects that require adult supervision are those that invade the personal space/privacy of others – i.e. adults should always be on hand to explain why it is not OK to nauseate, confuse, and snoop on others for the purpose of learning electronics. The projects are interesting, but the reader/hobbyist should be an adult who is already knowledgeable of electronics and electronic construction techniques. The instructions in this book are not detailed enough for the novice. Also, the price tag on most of the devices is greater than $100, so they are not cheap either. Finally, and most importantly, the reader should have a penchant for safety. Thus if you want to get your teenager interested in electronics via interesting “cool” projects, and you are already knowledgeable yourself and willing to do full-time supervision of the construction, this is probably a good book over which the two of you can both learn and bond. Amazon does not show the table of contents, so I do that here:Chapter 1: 100 milliwatt green laser pistolChapter 2: 50 watt carbon dioxide burning laserChapter 3: Visible blue laser ray gunChapter 4: Nd-GI/ruby/yag laserChapter 5: 20 watt diode laserChapter 6: Rail gunChapter 7: Magnetic cannonChapter 8: High energy radio frequency pistol (HERF)Chapter 9: Marx generatorsChapter 10: Flux compression generatorsChapter 11: 400,000 volt dc generatorChapter 12: Six-foot spark Tesla coilChapter 13: Microwave gunChapter 14: Dog bark controllerChapter 15: Ultrasonic cleanerChapter 16: Electronic ventriloquistChapter 17: Ultrasonic hide and seekChapter 18: Body heat detectorChapter 19: Telephone line grabberChapter 20: Snooper phoneChapter 21: FM VOICE transmitterChapter 22: FM TELEPHONE transmitterChapter 23: Tracking transmitterChapter 24: Bug detectorChapter 25: Sonic nauseaChapter 26: Therapeutic magnetic pulserChapter 27: Mind manglerChapter 28: Magic manChapter 29: HypnotizerChapter 30: Telekinetic enhancerChapter 31: Light of life machineChapter 32: Mind controllerChapter 33: Personal neon displayChapter 34: Automotive neonChapter 35: TV and radio jammer joke

  2. FOX

    “MORE Gadgets” better than first book The first Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius book had devices that were a bit more sci-fi and cool, but although the information was interesting, not many are going to actually be able to build any of them, as parts will be expensive and hard to find. This second GADGETS book actually has a few circuits that you could actually build with parts that are more available.As I said in the other reviews on this series of “evil genius” books, be carefull as there are many books in this series, but it is the one that states “GADGETS” in the titles that you want, if you are wanting the circuits that will make you rub your hands together and twist your mustache as you make that sinister laugh.

  3. Amazoner "reader, thinker, doer"
    Amazoner "reader, thinker, doer" says:

    very spiffy book! i was impressed by how well Iannini understood infrared optics and temperature. This guy is very knowledgeable and is out there on the bleeding edge.No, its not a paint by the dots hobby book by Mr. Rogers Neighborhood! This is an outta da box type book, where he pushes the boundaries of electronic engineering. Perfect for creative inventors.And he might be pushing you somewhere you didn’t expect! ( evil laugh)

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