Money Maze, Gift Box Bank

Money Maze, Gift Box Bank

Tired of just giving cash and gift cards? Make it a challenge with this brain teaser bank that holds cash, gift-cards and cheques. It’s easy to make a deposit, but challenge your cash and gift card recipients when they try to make a withdrawal! They will need steady hands to guide the ball through the maze to unlock the door. A fun and unique way to give cash, checks, and gift cards. This gift card puzzle can be used long after the cash is retrieved. Made of sturdy clear plastic measuring 9cm x 9cm.

Product Features

  • A fun and unique way to give cash, checks, and gift cards.

2 thoughts on “Money Maze, Gift Box Bank

  1. K. Jung

    Fell Apart after first use I was excited to give this box as a gift with the real gift inside the maze box. After trying it out for the first time it came apart. Very fragile and will only last a few uses before the sides fall off. Overall if it were made more durably it would be a lot of fun. I would not recommend this product to anyone unless you have some superglue handy!

  2. collin

    Fragile slider This is a nice little maze, although if you dont know what you are doing like I didnt, you can break the little sliding mechanism that the ball goes in for opening the door on the bottom. I didnt buy it to open it though. I got it for my dad who has parkinsons disease, and it keeps him occupied sometimes.

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