Just Dance 4 – Nintendo Wii

Just Dance 4 – Nintendo Wii

The world’s #1 dance game brand is back with Just Dance 4! The latest edition of the record-breaking franchise takes the party to a whole new level of fun, with over 40 all-new chart-topping hits, the coolest dances and unique features for every platform. Just Dance 4 is the perfect catalyst for the best parties, no matter what the occasion, thanks to innovative new modes like the all-new Battle mode, an upgraded Just Sweat mode, and even more fun, exclusive modes for each platform. Everything you know and love about Just Dance gets even better with Just Dance 4-hot new tracks, fun irreverent dances, and more.

Product Features

  • Top Of The Charts – Just Dance 4 has over 40 all-new songs, ranging from current Billboard hits, legendary favorites, and classic dance party tracks!
  • Just Dance-Off! – Challenge your friends in 6 rounds of dance battles with the all-new battle mode!
  • Bring Your Crew – Each player can get his own moment of fame with unique choreographies and moves for each member of your dance crew.
  • Just Sweat It Out – The popular Just Sweat mode gets a major upgrade with brand new workout sessions, personalized programs, live feedbacks and a real calorie counter.

3 thoughts on “Just Dance 4 – Nintendo Wii

  1. Melissa D. M. Carle
    Melissa D. M. Carle says:

    Awesome for exercise The Just Dance series is very good, and each version has been an improvement over the last. Just Dance 4 has awesome features that I love. First, when playing in Just Dance mode you can choose which dancer you want to play in duets or dance crews. This is great, I got tired of doing the same dancer over and over in some of the previous games when I was playing the game by myself. Second, the Just Sweat mode is greatly improved. I could choose from three time options (10, 25, or 45 mins). Having just done about 30 mins of regular play, I choose 10 to see how it went. Once started, there was a warm up and at the end there was a cool down, both are greatly needed when exercising. The work out also determined how I was doing when choosing the next song, I am happy to say that all my songs were intense. It also kept track of the calories burned. So, the most important things to me in my workouts is knowing how long I’ve done the actual exercise for (it didn’t keep the time going when I wasn’t dancing), and how many calories I’ve burned, and Just Dance 4 finally provides me with those numbers while keeping the workout fun. Can I burn more calories doing some other workout game like ExerBeat (huge fan), yes, but Just Dance 4 is way more fun and right now, fresh. It will be a regular part of my weekly workouts. Plus, the music is just plain awesome, I loved doing the Time Warp in Just Dance mode.

  2. Michael G. "pigpen81"
    Michael G. "pigpen81" says:

    Wow….the best in the Just Dance series yet Note: I only play Just Dance 4 with my middle school physical education classes. 4 play and the rest follow along as we use a ceiling projector.Today I had 5 classes play Just Dance 4 for the first time. We played the “Just Sweat” mode using the 25 minute option using the cardio-boxing style workout.It was TERRIFIC!It started with a 2 minute warm-up to a gentleman that sounded like the karate instructor from Exerbeat. My students were all engaged with the various movements.After the warm-up, the game would randomly pick a song. They were all fantastic but the student’s faves were Skrillex (off the charts choreography), Mr. Saxobeat, Good Feeling, Moves Like Jagger and the J-Lo song.After each song, another 2 minute program with cardio boxing, kickboxing and other aerobic style movements were done, all engaging. The actual program usually took 28 minutes with around 5 songs interspersed between the workouts. It even ended with a 2 minute cool down with good stretches. Ubisoft could make a separate game just using the workout segments, it is that good.Between the 5 classes, we made it to Level 9 and unlocked various goodies such as a song (Umbrella), new avatars, game modes, 60’s just sweat workout, etc.I wish I could post a short video I took of my 38 sixth graders singing loudly and dancing to “Good Feeling”, it was awesome!A couple of classes also performed the quartet of “Instanbul” and many already loved it because our social studies teacher plays that song when they study ancient civilizations. To cool……and a great follow up to last years fav, “Night Boat to Cairo”Great job Ubisoft!!!!!!!!Small nitpick, I wish I could make a custom playlist for the just sweat workouts.

  3. cmiewald "christiana12"
    cmiewald "christiana12" says:

    Not a fan of the new Just Sweat Mode I’ve been using both Just Dance 2 and 3 for part of my cardio routine as dancing is a lot more fun than straight aerobics or running. I was excited when JD 4 came out as I was looking for new songs to exercise to. However, after playing the Just Sweat mode for a couple of days I must say that I’m disappointed and frustrated that you can no longer chose your own songs and instead must dance to whichever song the program chooses. Some songs I either just don’t like or find the choreography boring, which doesn’t make for a fun experience! I also don’t like that the program decides what level of intensity the songs are — I feel like you have no say in anything! I’m also not too keen on the “exercise” sections that intersperse the actual Just Dance songs, some are okay but the music is bland and the talking by the instructors is a bit annoying. The Just Dance mode is fine and there are some good songs–although too much pop music and not enough other types such as Bollywood or Latin–so I’ll likely use that mode more.

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