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  1. The Gifted One
    The Gifted One says:

    Apple iPhone 4S, Does it Live up to the Hype? I entered the smartphone world back in 2008 staring with the Apple iPhone 3G. Coming over from my old Sprint flip-phone, the iPhone 3G was a major upgrade and blew my mind with how much it could do. It was amazing that cell phones had advanced into a sort of mini-PC.Fast forward to the present-day and I have now used and experimented with various smartphones, different cellphone companies, and smartphones OS’s (iOS, Android, Windows, etc). I also run my own small cell phone shop and get to play with these devices on a daily basis. Back in the iPhone 3G days, there were only a few smartphone options to choose from. Today there are literally hundreds of devices across several carriers. All with different functions and designs. I’m going to cover how the iPhone 4S stacks up to the competition, what the competition is, what the 4S can do, and what improvements it makes over its predecessor, the iPhone 4.HARDWAREThe iPhone 4S is almost identical in hardware design to the iPhone 4. It features the same rectangular shape with the flat gorilla glass back and front screen. The front and rear camera are in the same position. The only visible difference on the outside of the phone is that the volume controls are slightly moved on the 4S. The real difference in the hardware is on the inside. The iPhone 4S uses a dual-core “A5” processor. This makes it significantly faster than the iPhone 4. The processor is the raw power that apps need in order to operate fast and fluidly without slowdown or hiccups. With basic use, users probably won’t notice much difference from the iPhone 4’s speed. The extra power boost mainly shows its worth when playing some of the more high-end iOS games and apps.CAMERAIn addition to the new processor, the iPhone 4S has an improved 8 megapixel camera. It also now has the ability to capture full 1080p HD Video. Unless you’re a professional photographer, you will be blown away with how great the 4S is at taking pictures. It is on par with most of the dedicated point-and-shoot cameras that are currently on the market. Images are clear, crisp, and very colorful. I even sold my 10MP Canon point-and-shoot after using the 4S for a few weeks. When comparing pictures taken with the iPhone 4 side by side to the 4S, the difference is like night and day. As for the 1080P videos, they’re also very beautiful. Just like the photos, the videos rival dedicated point-and-shoot devices and look absolutely gorgeous on the iPhone’s retina display screen. The only drawback to these 1080p videos is that they can take up large amounts of memory. So if you plan on shooting a large amount of video, you may need to consider getting the 32GB or 64GB iPhone 4S.SIGNAL RECEPTION AND DATA SPEEDSThe iPhone 4S has been expanded to include a 3rd US carrier Sprint. This brings your total choices to Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.Signal reception and data speeds will vary by carrier and location, so I’ll give you some basic information about what to expect on average. Signal reception is greatly improved compared to the iPhone 4. The antenna problem from the iPhone 4 has been removed and the 4S uses separate antennas for incoming and outgoing calls in order to increase overall reception. AT&T is a GSM carrier while Sprint and Verizon are CDMA carriers. Verizon has the overall largest and most expansive voice coverage of the three, closely followed by AT&T, with Sprint in third. The 4S Data speeds will largely vary by carrier and location. Being a GSM carrier, AT&T is the only iPhone carrier capable of using the 4S’s improved HSPA+ data speeds. AT&T users will notice their iPhones showing “4G” in the top left corner rather than 3G. Though this is faster than standard 3G, do not confuse it with the much faster 4G LTE network. The iPhone 4S is not yet capable of using that network. Verizon is second in 3G data speeds, with Sprint bringing up the rear. Again, these are average speeds from across the nation. Individual results may vary depending on your location. It is also important to note that Sprint is the only carrier that still offers unlimited data. This may be an important factor in choosing a carrier for some.BATTERY LIFEiPhone owners have come to expect excellent battery life from their devices. Previous iPhones have ranked among the most impressive in terms of battery life compared to rival Android devices. In the past each new iteration of the iPhone had better battery life than the previous device. With the 4S however, the overall battery life is about the same as the iPhone 4. Apple claims this is mainly because of the dual-core processor used by the 4S as well as the more demanding iOS 5 software that is included with the iPhone 4S. Due to this, there were some widespread complaints about the iPhone 4S battery life initially. Apple has since addressed the issue with their iOS 5.1 update. The…

  2. Judd

    It is Locket AT&T I brought this phone in december, when i realized there might a confusion between locked to AT&T or Factory Unlocked. I contacted the provider and they did say it is locked to AT&T, at that time the phone was selling for $ 649. Despite I sent it with package unopened, they cut off $30.00 on the refund, I really disappointed. Please note I paid for both shippings (sent and returned).If you need a factory unlocked Iphone 4S, you bette not buy this one IT IS LOCKED TO AT&T.

  3. rawwell

    This is the NOT the unlocked iphone 4s The model sent was NOT MD237LL/A, and locked to AT&T.Please take note, as there is some confusion.If you want an unlocked iphone, look for one that is explicitly described as such.

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