Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – AT&T

Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – AT&T

What’s included in this listing? (1) Apple iPhone 4S smartphone (1) USB cable (1) Headphones (1) AC Adapter (1) User Guide/Tips Pamphlet (1) SIM Tray Key (1) Original Box Specs: Brand: Apple Model: 4S Model No. A1387 Part No: MD236LL/A Storage Capacity: 16GB iOS Version: 6.1.3 (10B329) IMEI No: 99 000191 861462 9 S/N: C8WJG1M8DTC1 Made In: California (Assembled in China) Color: Black Home AC Charger: Included Apple USB connector cable: Included “Tips” Guide: Included Earbuds:Included Original Box: Included Carrier: Sprint (14.0) Power On? Yes, this item does power on. Tested? Yes, this item has been tested and does work properly. Known Issues: NONE ESN Status: Clear for activation Functional Condition: Fully Funcitonal Cosmetic Condition of Body and screen: 9 out of 10 – No scuffs, scratches, cracks or other cosmetic damage. This phone is in excellent condition. Actual iPhone shown in photos

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  • Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – AT&T

3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – AT&T

  1. James

    Never buying a phone online again I bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas, who had been wanting an iPhone, for the longest time. I found this deal, and I was very excited to get it for her. I’ve had great experiences with the Amazon Warehouse, I’ve bought numerous games on here.Anyways, I went with my great experiences and bought the phone. I give the phone to her on Christmas Day. The home button does not work. After the phone is on for a long amount of time, the screen turns yellow.The worst part about it is, I have always bragged on Amazon’s Customer Service. They’ve always done me right. This time, they did not. They basically told me to take it to an Apple Store. I paid $250 for this phone. I paid $250, for a working, functional phone, that was almost “Like New”. Amazon has lost a lot of credibility among the online community, with lackluster service and promotions. They’ve definitely lost another customer with me. All I want is the phone replaced with a working phone, that my girlfriend can use. Is that too much to ask? A simple replacement?To anyone reading this, if you are looking to buy a phone, do not do it from these people. Save your money, and just buy it off Craigslist. I would love for somebody from Amazon to contact me and make good on this deal. I have always respected and bragged about this company. I will never, ever pay for Amazon Prime with the treatment I have received regarding this transaction.So Amazon, thank you for ruining my girlfriend’s Christmas.

  2. Jax

    iphone 4 16 gig I have one and my son had to have one. I have been supporting Apple since 1983 and they now have all #1 products. The nice thing about this is you have lots of options with AT&T. We use the pay as you go plan, no 3g and we get online at hot spots which are everywhere these days. No need to spend that extra cash if you don’t need to. The 4 still is new enough to get all of the upgrades from Apple too. All that I can say is that it is a great phone or as I sometimes call it my mini ipad. I use it more than I use my computer these days. I will make one recommendation, if you buy one, get “The Otter Box case” as it will save your phone from lots of damage and breakage.After 3 weeks the camera stopped working and music would go on and off and loose calls left and rightI am sending it back

  3. Paul Simpson

    Iphone 4 Phone waa a great purchase, was in great condition no scratches came in an iphone 4 box which was a nice touch.

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