3 thoughts on “Shoulder Holster

  1. Evan "meshugga"
    Evan "meshugga" says:

    Satisfied Cutomer I am really happy with it for the price. It was a bit tricky to get adjusted, but not as hard to figure out as they say. As long as you know those two straps on the bottom are for a belt. It seems well built, although i havnt had a chance to test it out in extreme conditions yet. One thing to keep in mind is it might not be the best for smaller body types. I am quite thin and it took quite a bit to get it to fit me. I still dont think it fits the way it should but at least its comfortable. Ill probably end up modding it to get it fit better.SMALLER PEOPLE MIGHT BE BETTER OFF WITH A THIGH HOLSTER.

  2. M. Miller "Matt"
    M. Miller "Matt" says:

    A Little Tricky I admit, it’s a little tricky to figure out at first, but if my 55 year old mother can figure it out, then I’m sure someone who’s been on the police force for 30 years should be able to, also. For anyone thinking of buying this, the long velcro straps hanging down are for your belt. After you figure that out, you should have no problems. I wish it would fit a little more snug, but maybe I have some more adjusting to do. Over all, it comes in real handy.

  3. floatingeagle
    floatingeagle says:

    Great shoulder holster I purchased this thinking it would be a great holster for myDesert eagle 50 cal air soft pistol. I found out when I got itthat it is a durable shoulder holster that holds my realDesert eagle 50 cal pistol.Over all this is very comfortable to wear and I wear it mostof the day because I have to have the weapon with me most ofthe day hidden and this works great for this purpose.If your looking for a shoulder holster that is well made andnot a lot of money the you found it.I am going to have to purchase two more of these for gifts

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