Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Stepping into Science

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Stepping into Science

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Stepping into Science

Product Features

  • Begin a lifetime of scientific investigation and understanding
  • Learn, Discover, Investigate, and Build
  • Starter Kit that covers five topics
  • The simple instructions included in each Little Labs kit rely heavily on illustrations
  • New Edition to an original best selling series

3 thoughts on “Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Stepping into Science

  1. Christine L. Acre
    Christine L. Acre says:

    Stepping into Science is fun for young kids I recently purchased Stepping into Science for my son who is 5 and just starting kindgergarten homeschool. He just loves to do experiments and anything hands on and after reading the description for this product I thought it would be a good fit for him. He does really enjoy it and it is definitely an introduction to science projects for his age level. There are a lot of small pieces and cardboard and styrofoam so if you have children younger than 4 or 5 you would want to keep this away from them. We work on the experiments when my son’s 2 year old sister is napping so she can’t get into the kit. There are a lot of experiments and they can be done more than once which is a plus. And there are also explanations for going further on the experiments like making a large sundial from the small one. Overall I would reccomend this to anyone with a preschooler or kindergarten age child who would like to have some fun with science.

  2. A. Beck

    Mostly great! My 6-year old daughter loves science, and this is perfect for her! She has great fun with all of the experiments. My only complaint is that a couple of the experiments with the boat didn’t work. I think it is just too cheaply made. But the book always gives extra ideas for more fun at the end of each experiment, so you aren’t limited by the number of experiments, which is great. Overall, a great find.

  3. P. Ulrich

    Science is FUN! I bought this to supplement our homeschool curr. It has great hands-on things for the kids, that the kids can actually do! My kids beg me every day to do another one! It comes with a great book that explains exactly what is going on.

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