La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-C Digital Wall Clock, with Temperature and Moon Phase

La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-C Digital Wall Clock, with Temperature and Moon Phase

A cool gift for the punctually challenged person in your life, this La Crosse atomic clock keeps correct time all the time. The small, radio-controlled clock is calibrated daily to the atomic time standard of the NIST and displays the hour, minute and second, along with the month, date, year and day. Also displays the moon phase and the current indoor temperature (°F or °C), as well as outdoor temp (°F or °C) via an included remote transmitter. The stylish, cherry wood-framed clock features a time alarm with snooze, day-of-week display in English, French or Spanish, dual LCD screens, 12 or 24 hr. mode, time zones from GMT to -12 GMT and 3-letter identification for US time zones. Includes clock, removable foldout stand and one TX6U transmitter. Wall hanging or free standing. 8Hx12-1/5Lx1-1/5W.This cherry wood-paneled digital wall clock reports the current time plus indoor and outdoor temperatures and the moon phase. The clock has a built-in antenna system that receives radio signals from the atomic clock, keeping precise time and the accurate date. Time is displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds and either 12- or 24-hour modes on the top LCD screen while the lower LCD shows the date and day of the week in English, Spanish, German, or French, along with the moon phase (of eight possible phases) and current indoor and outdoor temperatures. The clock has an alarm with a snooze option and can be set to one of 13 time zones, including all US times zones and Greenwich Mean Time.

The temperature function displays in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and is measured indoors every 10 seconds. Outdoor temperature is measured remotely via a 915 MHz transmitter (included) that can be positioned up to a maximum of 330 feet from the clock’s location and is checked every 5 minutes. This clock can be wall-mounted or propped up on a desk with its fold-out stand and measures 12 by 1-1/4 by 8 inches. It comes with a TX37U-IT wireless sensor. This digital clock is covered by a one-year warranty. –Cristina Vaamonde

Product Features

  • Sets automatically by radio signal to atomic clock for time/date accuracy
  • Reports indoor/outdoor temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius plus current moon phase
  • 12- or 24-hour time mode; dual LCD screens; alarm with snooze
  • Covers 13 different time zones
  • Wall-hanging or free-standing; 12 by 1-1/4 by 8 inches

2 thoughts on “La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-C Digital Wall Clock, with Temperature and Moon Phase

  1. Eric Shuman "Classicist"
    Eric Shuman "Classicist" says:

    A Well-Made, Easy to Use Invention I checked very carefully, and this *is* the model I have. This is a GREAT, easy to set up, easy to use product that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It has been prominent in my kitchen for over a year now, and I love it!There is a slight catch: you do have to read the directions. Apparently, this a far more daunting challenge for most people than I would have guessed, as they only took me about five minutes to read.Yes, the moon phases can appear backwards, but the illuminated portion of the clock matches the illuminated portion of the moon. This is a very minor complaint and after I got used to it (again, about five minutes), it hasn’t thrown me off since.Again, yes, you have to put a thermometer outside to have the outside temperature. I’m not sure what the other reviewer was expecting. On the plus side, I’ve always found it extremely accurate, and what’s more, the signal appears to be able to pass through an entire house with no problem.But, no, this clock adjusts itself and I haven’t had to worry about resetting it for a long time.I love this thing and never plan on replacing it with anything else. After reading these other reviews, I guess my only complaint is that it doesn’t have a drink ready for me when I get home.BTW, I find myself using the moon phases a lot more than I would’ve guessed.

  2. Sarah Hailey

    GREAT product, with a few flaws My husband and I purchased two of these clocks two years ago. I LOVE this clock, but it does have two major flaws.First, the Moon phases ARE correct, as anyone who reads the instructions will discover. When the clock gets information about the moon phases, it fills in each space with color, which translates to the visible parts of the moon being dark on the clock. So when the display is completely black, it is a full moon. When the display is empty, the moon is not visible. Still, it would be nice if the display were changed so the white parts of the display corresponded with the white part of the moon, so that it is more intuitive.Secondly, the temperature reading is wonderful, WHEN it works! The indoor temperature is always accurate, and useful for gauging how long to keep the heat on, etc. The outdoor temperature will be accurate as long as it is placed appropriately – no direct sunlight, no boxed in overhangs; basically no place where there would be excessive heat or cold, as this would give an inaccurate reading. The *best* place for the sensor would be on the north side of a tree, which would be out in the open yet would also be shady (obviously, this would only be true in the northern hemisphere). However, the sensor only attaches with screws, and I wouldn’t screw it into a tree.The problem with the sensor is the poor design. The whole unit is dependent on a tiny, Y-shaped piece of metal, about 3 or 4 mm in size. It is souldered to a circuit board, yet it is also attached to the plastic casing of the sensor. Meaning, if the unit drops, the metal piece detaches, and the sensor no longer works. The parts are not servicable – my husband ripped the plastic case open with pliers to examine the pieces. We’re currently trying to repair it with a souldering gun and having spotty luck, but as it stands our outdoor sensor has not worked since a few months after we bought it. The other clock that we purchased as an xmas gift had the same problem – the sensor stopped working in only a few months.IF one were to screw the sensor into a good place and never touch it, it would likely work for much longer. But if La Crosse Technology would design a more sturdy product, that would be even better.Even without the outdoor temperature, this clock is still quite useful and has many awesome features. You can choose what shows up on the display – seconds, the day of the week, the date, etc. Daylight savings time can be turned off (which is VERY useful for Arizona, one of the few sensible places in the world that doesn’t change times twice a year). It does have an alarm; however, the buttons for setting the alarm and turning it off are on the back of the clock, and if you have it mounted to the wall, it’s not worth the hassle to use the alarm. The time sets itself and is accurate, and the clock uses batteries reasonably – we’ve changed them once in two years.All around, I recommend this clock, IF you can be careful with the temperature sensor, and if you are reasonable with your expectations (the clock isn’t psychic, it needs the sensor to tell the temperature, obviously).

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