iBRIGHT LLC Gun-Alarm-01 Shooting Gun Recordable Alarm Clock – White

When the alarm clock to the clock, continuous ring for three minutes and target will be erected gun, guns target lights and the LCD screen backlight will light up simultaneously.

Product Features

  • Recordable alarm clock
  • 12 hour time display
  • 2 game modes: reaction tester and accuracy tester
  • Includes infrared Gun, recoil action and sound effects and range: 18′
  • 2 alarm modes: normal (1 shot deactivation) and hard (5 shot deactivation)

2 thoughts on “iBRIGHT LLC Gun-Alarm-01 Shooting Gun Recordable Alarm Clock – White

  1. Bo Zimmerman

    Not worth a dime I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to make myself get up in the mornings. Big fan of Clocky and it’s ilk, so I thought I’d give this a try. After the first morning, it appears to work as advertised except for two big problems and 1 minor one:1. The alarm sound doesn’t go off.2. You don’t have to aim very well to hit the target. Heck, a full 15 degree arm swing right of the target was enough to check it.3. You can record your own sound, but even on playback, the sound is extremely soft. Since it doesn’t play at all when the alarm goes off, it’s kinda academic though.Do not waste your money folks. Try something else.

  2. K. Smith

    Broken I purchased this as a gift for my brother. I was very excited, as I knew he’d get a kick out of it. On Christmas morning, when he opened it, we were all eager to see it in action. The thing wouldn’t even turn on! We tried several different brand new batteries, etc… but still nothing. The gun made noise but the clock was faulty. Really bummed.

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