2 thoughts on “Music Rabbid/Wake Up, Rabbids!/Get in Line, Rabbids!

  1. Anthony Quarm "eXofreeze"
    Anthony Quarm "eXofreeze" says:

    A welcome invasion Maybe I’m just a sucker for these guys, but ever since the first Rayman & The Raving Rabbids game, I have found these guys to be hilarious. Their method on non spoken comedy is reminiscent of the looney toons cartoons I grew up with combined with combined with the three stooges. Instead of relying on crazy plots, it is simply these absolutely idiotic rabbits interacting with mundane objects.When I heard there was a cartoon based on these guys I admit, I was excited. Luckily I have a three year old daughter, and she provided the perfect excuse for me to purchase the first episode. Now it is simply a waiting game for the other 25 episodes (I believe there are 26 total)… not quite sure why they debuted the first episode and then haven’t aired anything new since.

  2. shan

    super funny! My 4 yr old loves this and it is funny for the parents too when the show must be on replayed 10 times a day. Great new show!

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