Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape Tool

Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape Tool

Emergency Tool

After a bad car accident a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death for you and your loved ones. The Emergency Tool helps you to escape quickly after a car accident. Many people fear wearing a seat belt in case they were to be trapped in a burning or sinking vehicle. Electric windows do not work without power and would need to be shattered so you could escape. The surgically sharp blade effortlessly cuts through a tangled seat belt (recessed for safety), the pointed steel head (with red plastic protective cover) easily shatter windows. Simply keep it in your glove box.

Product Features

  • Window Breaking Hammer
  • Seat Belt Cutter with Recessed Razor Blade

2 thoughts on “Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape Tool

  1. Ahikanana

    Near-perfect product I hope I never have to use Having only photos of this & similar items to make my decision, I was glad I chose this one over the others for several reasons: The shape of the handle makes it easy to grasp & is sturdy. The blade is well hidden so you won’t cut yourself unless you’re absolutely talented enough to do so. I’m not about to try it out on my own car or anything else I own, so I started cutting the box that it came in…it sliced through cleanly & easily. I like that the hammer head is flat on one end & pointed on the other. I thought it was pointless to have dual points like other products. Oh yeah, the pointed tip on this one has a rubber cap so it won’t scrape up your glove box. Good thinking! Lastly, I like that you are able to unscrew the plastic casing to remove & replace the razor blade if need be or do other things to the head. NO, it did NOT come with a mounting bracket, as other reviewers said, but personally I don’t think I need one anyways. Highly recommended!

  2. Eddie L. Dunaway "ELD"
    Eddie L. Dunaway "ELD" says:

    Great Tool Ordered this because of reviews I had read.Seemed to be just what I needed.After it arrived went to a junk yard and tried it outWorks GREAT.No mounting bracket but I have in with mytools in the front seat.

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