KJB Security DVR260 Camcorder Sunglasses

KJB Security DVR260 Camcorder Sunglasses

For hands free recording use the Camcorder Sunglasses! These stylish sunglasses have a built in camera and DVR with micro switch controls right at your finger tips. This unique camcorder system will view and record what the user sees. Use in any application to record video i.e. sporting events, concerts, school programs or kids ball games. Play back is easy using your PC and almost any video software.

Product Features

  • 2 GB internal memory, allows up to 5 hours of video recording.
  • Memory slot for extended memory (up to 2GB micro SD card, not included)
  • 1.3 mega pixels pinhole CMOS camera. Internal rechargeable battery 110/220 volt.
  • Charge via USB (cable and AC adapter included). Resolution 320×240 30 fps
  • Plays on most video software. Driver needed for Win 98 and below only.

2 thoughts on “KJB Security DVR260 Camcorder Sunglasses

  1. Jayyson

    Not up to par. KJB Security Sunglasses are unfortunately not what they profess to be. The video they take is everything that can be asked for from a camera under three mega pixels, but they claim to record audio at the same time. The only audio I got from them was white noise (static). Furthermore, the instructions included with them by KJB Security are written in very poorly translated English.The idea behind the product is good, but this particular item falls short of the mark.EDIT: The posting for this product no longer claims to record: “Crystal clear audio!”, but it is my opinion that they should clearly state that they do not do so, as the common usage of “camcorder” includes audio, in addition the state these glasses are perfect for things like concerts…what is the point of filming a concert without audio? If they further rectify the verbiage on the posting, I’d be more then happy to change my review to reflect that. My biggest issue with the glasses was that they didn’t do what they claimed, if they change their claims, I will change my review accordingly.

  2. rollercoasterqueen
    rollercoasterqueen says:

    KJB Security Camcorder Sunglasses Don’t buy this item! Although the camcorder sunglasses were shipped quickly and enabled me to record a number of videos, they wore out in three months and I am going to have to pay someone to edit the videos due to a defect in the device. The camcorder is difficult to operate because when wearing it, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s recording or whether recording has stopped. I wanted to make a number of 2-minute videos and although I depressed the power button to stop recording, recording went on for another 30 minutes – so now I have to get someone to shorten the videos. And I just spent a lot of money on a trip for the sole purpose of getting roller coaster rides on video but the camcorder, which was fully charged, did not record any of the rides! (I had been able to record rides previously.) As a result, I am very unhappy. I guess it’s a case of you get what you pay for, and these were admittedly cheap but they won’t hold up. Before they conk out, they will record an OK video – the quality is acceptable but not good – outdoors during daylight hours. They are not suitable for recording indoors or at night.

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