2 thoughts on “Charging Dock Cradle for Apple iPhone 4 with audio output (white)

  1. Gers

    Great! When i first came across this Item i wasnt skeptical because of some of the bad reviews..but i figured HELL its cheap! why not give it a shot? what do i have to lose? a few bucks? no biggie..well, it arrived a couple of days ago and i MUST say its a GREAT item not only for the price, but for what it IS!it works great with my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 3GS(which i still use as an iPod)I thought maybe it would have trouble with the way the phone stands on the dock, plugging in, or charging or something like that…but Thus far NO such issues. The Phone sits at a nice angle, the connection it makes to the cable is solid and it charges JUST FINE! its a sleek, neat, nice addition to any desk or caddy. I would definitely recommend.I wouldnt pay too much attention to the negative reviews.As a matter of fact, i ordered 3 more. one for the wife’s phone, one for my home-office, one for work, and one for the bedroom.you cant beat it for the price!Have at it!

  2. David W Chow

    Good value but made with light plastic Bought product from seller: Can I Cell You Something, with fast delivery (received in 3 business days). About the product:Pros:- inexpensive, good value.- works as described: sync with iTune and charging work fine, audio line out works even when cradle is not connected to USB (i.e. doesn’t require external power).- Cradle iPhone plug is long enough so that bumper case doesn’t need to be removed for connection to work.Cons:- cradle is made with light plastic, not much weight for the stand.- cradle bottom is not really flat, had to install non-skip pads on four corners to stop cradle from spinning and moving.

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