Cocoon CSG260BK Neoprene Mini Portfolio Case – Black

Cocoon CSG260BK Neoprene Mini Portfolio Case – Black

Contemporary design matched with function. This multi-tasking neoprene case is perfect for those wanting something practical and simplistically styled. Having generous space for daily digital essentials, the case is fastened with an ergonomic handle, and is equipped with GRID-IT inside. The perfect solution for gamers on-the-go!

Product Features

  • Lightweight neoprene case perfect for Sony PSP/Nintendo DS series
  • Removable proprietary GRID-IT organization system ? a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization
  • Ideal for organizing iPod iPhone BlackBerry and other digital devices
  • Convenient padded handle

2 thoughts on “Cocoon CSG260BK Neoprene Mini Portfolio Case – Black

  1. Christina "Cristina"
    Christina "Cristina" says:

    Great product I used to travel a lot with work and I was trying to find a way to get all my stuff organized, after I left an apple mac charger in the hotel and I had to buy another one for 95dls!!! After the pain of loosing my charger I decided to find something that would hold my usb hard drives and also card reader usb cables and such. This is a great little gadget as the elastics do move around. i can get a little complicated as sometimes the elastic ban might be too large for whatever you are trying to put in there, but with a little organizing you can get the right things in the right spot (which is helpful when you are on the go because if I am missing something I know right away since the charger or usb drive is not there). With the apple macbook charger it being a square it it is hard sometimes to zip it back up, but even so the zipper has lasted ( i have had this for over 1.5 years).PROSLove that the elastic Tray come outLove the bag has been very resistant and flexiblelove the materials it is very sturdyFits great inside my compute bag and it has never scratched anythingHandles is great to pull it out when you are going through security at the airportsCONSThere is no in between size between this cocoon size and the next larger one (at least not for me that will work with a girls purse), if you don’t have a lot of stuff to put in it it works, but even so I am currently packing in it 2 Western Digital Hard drives, 1 mac book projector adaptor and the macbook charger.Because of the width of the macbook charger the elastic has given a little bit, so I had to reassign the bag but it stills work since it is all inside the zipper bag.

  2. Matt

    I love these things – works well with my OCD These neoprene cases for the Grid-It organizers are great. My backpack is nice and neat and uniform. I labelled them so I can get to the gear I want and not have to pull out a wad of junk. What else can I organize around here…

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