Custom Leathercraft 1104 Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder

Custom Leathercraft 1104 Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder

Custom Leather Craft’s 1104 four pocket multi-purpose tool holder features a versatile three way attachment that can hang, strap or clip on pants, web suspenders, work aprons or belts and more. It securely holds small tools or accessories such as pliers, flashlights and screwdrivers to name a few. The multi-purpose tool holder is ideal for all kinds of working professionals

Product Features

  • Made of polyester fabric
  • Versatile three way attachment for pants, web suspenders, work aprons, etc.
  • Securely holds small tools or accessories like pliers, mini-flashlights, etc.
  • Keep your hand tools conveniently on you while you work

3 thoughts on “Custom Leathercraft 1104 Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder

  1. Greg West

    Great product I bought this thing to carry my leatherman and a pair of reading glasses.I was worried that this was not going to be deep enough to hold my reading glass’ plastic tube but it was perfect. Actually it is a little too deep for the leatherman so I crammed a wad of paper in it so I can grip the multi-tool easier.The cell phone pocket will hold my Android but I have the defender case which clips to my other side and allows me to use the flash light app to walk around in the dark.A can of snuff fits well in that cellphone pocket as does my Kel Tec P3AT.I am just so jazzed about always having a pair of readers handy.Update########################This is what I carry in mine:1. 6″ cresent wrench2. Klein 11 in 1 driver3. Bic pin 4. Leatherman multi-tool5. L.E.D. AA Mini Maglte6. Pair of reading glasses in hard case.7. Smith Pocket Pal sharpener.8. small 16 in 1 mini driver ( micro torx ,Allen, slotted and Phillips)I thought of a mod that should add some serviceable life. I added a a small piece ofpolyethylene plastic to the bottom of the large smart phone is a 1″x3″ chunk I cut from a oil bottle. This will keep the pointed objects like my13 in 1 screw driver tip and 6″ crescent from boring a whole in the cordura clothe.

  2. Solley-Mead Family
    Solley-Mead Family says:

    Excellent product I am a supervisor in a large retail receiving area. This pouch allows me to carry my pen light, sharpie, pen, claims slips, note pad, receiving scheduled (folded) and my box cutter (S4.) If you need a holder for all those little times that us retail people seem to need at a moment’s notice, this is the item for you! And the materials are sturdy enough to handle a rough day.

  3. Glenn R. Kangiser
    Glenn R. Kangiser says:

    Great phone/tool holder Being a he-man type and a bit of a superhero, it is below me to carry a man bag…..This small tool and phone holder will hold my Android, Fenix 2-AA flashlight with a snap for it’s lanyard, and a folding Leatherman pliers so no matter what major obstacles confront me, daytime or night, I am always able to rescue the damsel in distress, defeat evil, and go on to conquer anything that I may come up against while looking uber-cool to all who may gaze upon my day to day superhero feats. Yeah……

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